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See how Split Tech City spent the first part of 2024

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


At the beginning of this year, we glanced back at 2023 and all that happened in the vibrant Split Tech City community. Of course, that didn’t mean we weren’t getting ready to kickstart the activity for all our 2024 plans! 🙂

So, let’s see what was happening during the first part of this brand-new year in our Mediterranean Tech Hub


Our volunteer writer Tamara eased us into the new year by bringing us a 2023 Tech Rewind as 2023 was quite an active year in this particular sector. We also wrapped up the Split Tech Cup 2023 story with the delivery of laptops to Maestral. To start the year on a wonderful note, of course! 🙂

Continuing with the wonderfulness, our community members brought a dash of that, as well! 😀

We announced the arrival of Bots&Pots to Split and some great news from Parklio and Blank. In the broader sense of the tech and scientific community in Split, we shared the great (galactic) achievements of FESB scientists.

January was also a month of joy for design because the first-ever Kàko Magazine arrived in our hands!

We continued highlighting the work of Split Tech City community members with stories about AISMA and NetHub and welcomed our new community member Workspace.

Other than that, we were actively preparing for the first set of Split Tech City meetups scheduled in February. And, since we’re talking about events, shared with you the announcement of the new event in town – Automation Summit.

And then it was time for February…


February was time for some learning and growth so we brought you an overview of free online learning resources while Suzana shared some growth strategies for seniors in the field.

This effort was joined by the article written by our volunteer writer Ana which covered some important mental health topics.

It was also the month when we had the chance to get to know the Foreign Business Owners Association and their work. And it was the month of collaboration!

We joined forces with Expat in Croatia on an episode of Five Question Friday and on the newest edition of our “Locals’n’Nomads” meetup.

February was also colored with a startup vibe considering we had the first Split Startups Meetup of 2024 which was focused on AI.

And the continuation of this startup theme was ensured by the announcement of Hack4Split which was set to take place in March this year instead of its usual April.

Who said we in Split only live by the “pomalo” adage?! 😉

When it comes to the Split Tech City community, we shared great news from SeekandHit and Caelor respectively, and welcomed Nava IT, Seyfor, and Elements.

And we were ready to march into March…


And march we did – in a startup tone – by supporting this year’s edition of Hack4Split and sharing some startup pitch tips. Those aren’t the only tips and tricks of March because Ana once more delved into some soft skills by highlighting the importance of friends.

We’re all about building businesses and fostering friendships! 🙂

March was also the month of Split Tech City’s first-ever Dev Night. While this event was in Croatian in its first edition, its success promises new events with this particular topic and audience so inclusion of English (and foreigners) in the future isn’t excluded. 😉

We also started getting ready for this year’s DK Festival and shared with you the great opportunity to take part in a Rural Hacking event in Split. We were also proud to support the youthful BioMOZAIK Karst and Sea Project.

Shifting the focus to the members of the Split Tech City community, we shared a Split Founders interview with Ivan Biliškov of Codeasy and the news of the up-and-coming Measure Camp Split event powered by SeekandHit.

We also announced our partnership with AC Hotel by Marriott Split thus bringing more added value to our members. March was also the month when we welcomed Fundamento Studio to the ever-growing Split Tech City members group.

Not bad of a start we’d say! 😉

What to Expect Next

A lot of activity, of course! You’ll hear about our adventures from the DK Festival 2024, we’ll keep you updated on events in Split (and plan some of our own), we’ll gear up for the continuation of our podcast, and initiate preparations for the Split Tech City Festival.

And that’s just the tip of the Split Tech City community activity iceberg! 😉

So, make sure to watch this space – our website for all news and event updates, as well as Split Tech City social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X. And during downtime check out the many videos on our YouTube channel.

Onwards and up! 😀


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