Split Tech City - Split Technology (r)evolution

Split Tech City is the first formal nonprofit of the Split technological community, involving companies, individuals, meetups, nonprofits and institutions, with the partner support of Split-Dalmatia County Council.

Together we are stronger

The foundation of Split Tech City was inspired by Startup.hr which has been gathering and connecting current and potential Split IT professionals for 10 years. Startup.hr has so far connected over 700 individual members and companies, has organized over 100 meetings and dozens of free education and lectures. Split Tech City will serve as a catalyst for further advancement of the Split tech scene, by consolidating acquired knowledge and providing a necessary step forward for the local community.

Strategy for success

One of the key goals of Split Tech City is to provide free education, lectures and seminars to young people towards high paid technological occupations, and to create conditions for their stay in Split in cooperation with tech companies. But technology is not and cannot be for itself, Split Tech City will, in dialogue with organizations, companies and institutions, detect and develop innovative solutions that will benefit the city and all its citizens.

We want, we can, we will

The ultimate goal, mission & vision of Split Tech City is to profile Split as a city where technology and tourism meet. Split has all the prerequisites for becoming the “Silicon Valley of the Mediterranean”, and Split Tech City will work tirelessly to transform its vision into reality through its combined knowledge, ideas and ambitions.


Split - a city where technology and tourism meet.


To connect the members of the technology community with those who want to become one.

Through education, conferences and lectures guide young people towards high-paid tech jobs for which there is great demand here and abroad.

Create conditions for staying in Split through active collaboration with the academic community and private sector.

Promote the development of innovative technology projects that have global ambitions and potential.

Continually promote Split-based technology companies and professionals in local and national, offline and online media.

Key messages of Split tech city organization

Although the technology industry is one of the most profitable in the world, it is still on the margins of the interest of economic institutions in Split;

For organizations, gathering and promoting the technology industry, experts and projects in Split, is still exclusively down to private initiatives, of which Startup.hr is the longest and most successful;

Over 700 members have come together in Startup.hr, within ten years of existence, and they are the foundation on which we can build the future of the Split technology industry. The nonprofit is managed by startups who know the challenges they face, and in which concrete ways a more structured organization can help them;

Members of the Startup.hr organization assure reliability and credibility, and their success shows youth the opportunity through technology professions;

By connecting experts to business, we want to keep smart people and innovative projects that make this city a good place to live and business;

Further development of tech entrepreneurship will create new values ​​in Split, attract investment and open new sources of revenue;

Support to technology companies and projects is necessary not only because of the development of the tech scene but also because of the development of the economy in Split;

Establishing Split as the Silicon Valley of the Mediterranean is complementary to the development of the city as one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe.

Split tech city team

Toni Trivković

president toni@split-techcity.com

Tomislava Saša

vice president tomislava@split-techcity.com

Romana Ban

executive editor romana@split-techcity.com