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Blank connected the film industry and NFTs through the electric.film project!

Split Tech City

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The members of the Split Tech City community started the business year in a very productive and optimistic tone. Judging by the awards and new projects announced at the very beginning of this year, 2024 promises to be memorable!

Today we’re bringing you a story about a project that was recently successfully completed by the Blank teamelectric.film, an innovative project that connects the film industry and the Web3 community!

An alternative way of financing and producing a film

electric.film is a community-driven film studio that puts the art of cinema first and empowers its members to create the films they want to see. It aims to provide an alternative to traditional ways of film financing and production to create better content for audiences.

The studio’s pilot project was Electric Child, a European indie sci-fi thriller from award-winning director Simon Jaquemet.

The electric.film team collected a budget of 5 million euros for the realization of the mentioned film through traditional channels such as public financing, TV collaborations, and presales.

Merging the film industry and Web3

However, the electric.film team did not stop there, but went one step further. They saw an opportunity for innovation by including the Web3 community in the whole story.

To bring their vision to life, they sought a partner with extensive experience and knowledge in the Web3 and NFT space — someone who could not only implement their ideas but also contribute their own innovative proposals.

Their partner of choice was Blank: “Our role was to help in the development process and define the functionality of the entire project.”

Film lovers who want to participate in the creation of a film should first become a member via token, after which they can register their projects, get exclusive access to sets, premieres, Q&As with actors and film crew, earn prizes, etc.

“A revolutionary AI algorithm generates unique post-photographic art in real-time on the mint, traveling through the narrative visual space of the Electric Child pilot project.

The algorithm was trained on images from the movie Electric Child; it imagines scenes from the film that don’t exist and switches between different versions that were created during the development”, shared the Blank team.

Not about hype

electric.film is the first project that uses Blank’s internal infrastructure. To be more precise – Mintdash, Blank’s internal platform, plays a big role in the project.

Thanks to this successful collaboration, electric.film combines the innovative thinking of Web3 and the immense creative potential of the film industry in a way that empowers both audiences and creators.

“I like this project because it really embodies what NFTs represent. It’s not about the hype or the price of an individual NFT. It’s about art, community, and expanding the business into new domains using NFT technology,” said Blank’s CTO Marko Marinović.

The Blank team is extremely proud of the final result, but it is even more important to them that their client is satisfied with the work they do.

You can read all the details about the electric.film project here.

If you also have an idea for a Web3 product, but you lack a development and design team to implement it, feel free to contact the Blank team!

Visuals: Blank and electric.film


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