Festival of Technology and Entrepreneurship

September 9th 2023
Bačvice Open-Air Cinema

Split Tech City Festival is an inspiring event that incites mindset change!

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The ticket price for the International Day is €40.

Split Tech City Festival gathers absolutely everyone interested in having a good time and being inspired! From students to seasoned entrepreneurs and experts, our Festival is open to all of you - no matter your interests and level of expertise, you'll feel welcome and will surely learn interesting things.

We are a community that always focuses on working toward a brighter future, but who also isn't afraid of being open about and learning from mistakes. For us, quality content is more important than mere form. After all, you'll see it for yourself at the third Split Tech City Festival!

Stories that inspire, people who motivate. At the Split Tech City Festival you'll meet enthusiasts from various fields, so make sure you don't miss learning new things and networking with amazing people in the wonderful environment of Bačvice Open-Air Cinema!

The program of International Day is fully in English and will offer endless motivation!

Luckily, they're not perfect. But that's what makes them special! Meet our speakers!

Aleks Jakulin

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Katalys

Andreas Spechtler

Founder and CEO of Silicon Castles

Antonio Perić-Mažar

CEO of Locastic

Blaž Perić

Co-Founder of SmartNest

Geoff Bratton

Co-Owner of Fig Restaurants

Ivan Burazin

CEO of Daytona

Ivana Perić

Founder of RESOLVE

Jan Bodnar

Co-Founder of Unique People

Luka Sučić

Partner at Meta Change Capital

Mirela Petrović

Founder of mAI way

Piero Palevsky

Founder of Poma

Ron Brumbarger

Founder of Apprentice University

Sara Dyson

Founder & CEO of Expat in Croatia

Suzana Špika

Head of People Operations at Postindustria


17:40 - 18:20

Ron Brumbarger, Blaž Perić, Ivana Perić, Suzana Špika

PANEL: Am I Too Young to Be Taken Seriously?

18:25 - 19:10

Mirela Petrović, Antonio Perić-Mažar

FIRESIDE CHAT: Get Ahead of the Game!

19:20 - 19:30

Opening of the International Day

19:30 - 20:15

Jan Bodnar, Geoff Bratton, Sara Dyson, Piero Palevsky

PANEL: International side of Split

20:45 - 21:00


21:00 - 21:30

22:00 - 00:00

Discomatt Ambiental Music

Mediterranean-style Networking

What were the impressions like from the first two Festivals?

The STC Festival's essence exudes the heart and soul of Split itself - relaxed, easygoing, and yet profoundly educational and motivational. Set against the backdrop of the iconic Bačvice beach, where the scent of the sea breeze mingles with the comforting shade of pine trees, the Festival creates an ideal ambiance to immerse oneself in networking, inspiration, and new opportunities.

Ivan Matasović Project Manager, Valcon

The Split Tech City Festival is a melting pot of creativity, motivation, and networking opportunities! Everyone in the audience gains value, regardless of whether they are a student, engineer, entrepreneur, or journalist. All attendees leave the Festival enriched with valuable experiences and new acquaintances.

Suzana Špika Head of People Operations, Postindustria

Attending the Split Tech City Festival has been an incredible experience! As the head of the Student Business Incubator, I value its impact on students and the tech community. The Mediterranean Tech Hub vibe, the sea view, and - above all - the inclusivity create an inspiring atmosphere. The emphasis on authenticity and growth, along with the consistently improving content, make this Festival an event that shapes the future of the tech scene.

Lana Ugrčić Student Business Incubator Split

Fun, inspirational, and motivating! Those are the three words that best describe the Split Tech City Festival. Set in a beautiful location, with outstanding lecturers and panelists who discuss intriguing topics that aren't exclusively tied to IT. And, most importantly - STC Festival is a fantastic opportunity for socializing and meeting new people!

Đulijano Nola Co-Founder, GoHome, CrnoJaje, GammaChef, OsigurajMe, Bots&Pots

The Split Tech City Festival holds a special place in my heart - where the past and future meet, tradition and innovation intertwine, and passion and knowledge collide! This blend of technology, creativity, and innovation enriched with the Mediterranean charm and the essence of Split captivated me instantly. Attending the STC Festival, I am always inspired by connecting with like-minded individuals in an environment that encourages authentic networking.

Viktor Viljac High school student and volunteer

The Split Tech City Festival is the number one tech event in Split. Tech conferences often tend to be monotonous and reserved, but not STC Festival! Lectures are always intended for a broad audience, attendees are relaxed and friendly, the energy is at its peak, and the Bačvice Open-Air Cinema venue adds an even higher level to it all in the evening hours. I would recommend to anyone involved in or planning to get into IT to attend the Split Tech City Festival!

Ante Dagelić Co-Founder & CTO, GetByBus

Enjoy the unique #SplitTechCity vibe!

Come to this year's edition of the Split Tech City Festival!

September 9th 2023
Bačvice Open-Air Cinema

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