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Seyfor is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Members of the Split Tech City community are numerous smaller and larger tech companies from Split, as well as international corporations with branches in our city.

We are happy that Seyfor Croatia, which was introduced to us by director Marko Šagi, joined the latter.

Systems for simpler and more successful business

Seyfor Croatia is part of the international Seyfor Group. It unites a dozen successful tech companies across Europe with a common vision of simplifying business for users with their software solutions.

Marko Šagi

“We develop ERP systems and other software solutions for organizations of various sizes and industries and bring added value to the business of users with excellent knowledge of legal regulations and 100% legally compliant programs.”

The company’s mission is to continuously improve its own software solutions, technologies, and connection methods to meet market changes and requirements. This has been recognized by many reputable companies and accounting services.

Minimax – the simplest online accounting program

Marko points out that, as a company, they are aware of how important investing in digitalization is for success in the initiation and expansion of a business.

“On the way to that success, it is very important to have properly arranged processes and the support of appropriate software solutions, and our primary goal is to facilitate and automate our client’s operations.”

Responding to user needs, updating programs, and maximum automation is what Seyfor is particularly proud of:

“With Minimax, the simplest online accounting program, a great business idea will have quality support in the background, one that will simplify business and free up the client’s time for new projects.”

For all those who wonder why they should choose Minimax, Marko points out:

  • Quick start without installation and running your business on the cloud, anytime and anywhere.
  • The program complies with legislation and contains up-to-date accounting data.
  • API integration with other programs according to the needs of your business.
  • User support is included in the license as well as over 1000 written and video instructions.
  • Connection with accounting, without physical transfer of documents.

“The companies can see for themselves the simplicity of the program by taking advantage of the free DEMO period for 30 days. They can try the program today and access a large knowledge base“, advises Marko.

Knowledge base and organization of conferences

The aforementioned knowledge base – useful information related to business and legislation – is available with an emphasis on important deadlines for submitting reports but also includes practical advice for starting and running a business.

“In day-to-day work, selling products is the key, but we always look at the bigger picture. That is why we are particularly proud of our knowledge base, as well as the conferences and trainings we organize.”

The first Digital Mind conference was held last year in cooperation with colleagues and partners from Croatia and Slovenia.

The theme of the conference was the digitalization of business processes and B2B sales and the integration of business solutions and innovations. Through the presentation of partner solutions and examples from practice, the participants gained a closer insight into the advantages of digitalization and process automation.

Preparation for future business is easier with a reliable partner, explains Marko, which is why they cooperate with educational institutions such as the University of Split, branches of the University Department for Professional Studies in Split, EFFECTUS Polytechnic, ZŠEM, VERN University, Faculty of Economics in Rijeka, Institute of Management and others, in the form of free use of the program for the purpose education of participants, but also in the form of special offers for those who are just starting in the world of business.

“The man is not an island, and neither is our business. By integrating with other software solutions, we respond to the needs of users, and become stronger and more competitive on the market.”

Seyfor software solutions Saop and Minimax were thus integrated with Rentlio – Property Management and Channel Manager application, which enabled entrepreneurs to manage their business fully.

Continuously looking for new team members

Seyfor’s driving force is a unique combination of excellent solutions and support made up of a professional team with more than 250 colleagues in the Adriatic region, of which 27 work in Croatia in offices in Zagreb and Split.

“With the development of technologies and the increase in the number of users of our programs and software solutions, we are continuously looking for future colleagues, especially in the fields of accounting and sales.”

Although their work mostly focuses on accounting and ERP systems, they are not only looking for accountants but anyone who is fascinated by the world of digitalization and likes to help organizations find added value.

Enthusiasm and expertise, dedication to work, motivation for learning and progress, and communication are important.

We believe that teamwork, education, and socializing in a pleasant and innovative environment are an excellent foundation for growth.

Welcome to Split Tech City!

Seyfor Croatia represents a company that stands out for the high expertise of its employees, and they are convinced that they could contribute to the community through sharing knowledge, cooperation on projects, and support.

“Our dedication to innovation and technological progress is aimed at creating IT solutions that will improve the business environment in Split and beyond.

We believe that membership in the Split Tech City community will provide us with the opportunity to exchange ideas, network with other community members, and collaborate on projects that will improve the local tech scene.

We look forward to joining a community that encourages innovation and are confident that through collaboration we could achieve mutual success.”

Dear Seyfor, thank you for your trust and we look forward to our cooperation! 🙂


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