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Split Tech City Members Highlight: AISMA

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


We’re back with our #MembersHighlight spotlight! This time we shine a light on a Split Tech City community member who is all into combining research and technology.

The #SplitTechCityMember team we’re highlighting this time is – AISMA!


AISMA is a research and technology center from Italy, with offices in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, specializing in developing products based on innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, Data Lake, and data science.

The company employs experts from the data domain – scientists, engineers, analysts – and experts for EU projects, considering that they offer clients a complete service from project application, project management, and creating data products such as web/mobile applications or artificial intelligence models.

The main goal of the research center is to offer a complete service that will follow the project in all phases and ensure sustainable and long-term relationships with clients.

Their clients come from various industries, some of the most important being manufacturing, finance, retail, and sports (basketball and soccer).

As an organization, they are also active in the local community in Italy and Croatia through organizing conferences, and meetups, sponsoring various competitions in the field of data science, and sponsoring various initiatives that match their values.

AISMA founder, Amir Topalović, reveals more about the team: “We currently have over 50 employees, along with additional external associates. We hire experts in data such as analysts, scientists, and engineers.

In addition to them, there are AISMA’s experts for the development of innovative applications adapted for the web or for mobile devices. ”

Curiosities and updates about AISMA

Amir shared that AISMA develops both – internal products, as well as external ones for their clients: “We started with our internal products, such as our first project to develop a flexible Data Lake solution for the production in Italy – a combination of Data Lake, IoT, AI.”

Their customer products include a complete service of developing a project, applications for EU funding, development of innovative products, project management, etc. AISMA’s clients come from various industries, from production and finances to the entertainment industry and sports:

“Our goal is to create a long-term relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and creating products that make a difference together.”

Their main output is an internal product based on a Data Lake solution and designed specifically for production. Numerous clients from Italy are participating with them in the projects they do: “Additionally, we develop various tools for health control in the health industry and sports, where we are also sponsors of basketball and football sports clubs with which we have long-term cooperation in innovative projects.”

As for the communities they are a part of, the AISMA team shared the following: “AISMA supports all ideas that are in line with our vision and contribute to the development of the community.

So it’s not uncommon for us to participate in the organization of international conferences, meetups, and competitions, but also in sponsoring and supporting associations and initiatives like this.

One made-in-Split thing AISMA supports is our resident marketing superhero MARTECHiNG who partnered with AISMA. AISMA now operates in the role of strategic technology and market partner for the MARTECHiNG team.

We hope this #MembersHighlight brought you more information about the AISMA team and their work, as well as their connections to Split.

We wish them and their partners continuous success in what they do!


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