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Fundamento Studio is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

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We like it best when we have an opportunity to announce a long-term cooperation with (new) members. And, if the whole story is intertwined with volunteering, we are even more proud that the Split Tech City community is joined by new members who continue to build this community on true values.

Today we present to you Fundamento Studio, a team created thanks to the joint volunteer experience of two young creatives who started this business story in 2018.

They are Josip Svalina and Noa Barić, experts in photography and video, once active volunteers in the DUMP – Association of Young Programmers.

Their goal is to help brands position themselves on the market by producing content for social networks and advertising campaigns.

Josip is a photographer and brings to Fundamento Studio his rich experience in commercial photography of products and people gained by working for numerous recognized domestic companies, while Noa is a videographer and brings agency experience working on projects for clients such as Porsche and PUMA.

They specialize in fast content formats used on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

In this interview with Split Tech City, Noa revealed something more about their work and projects.

Josip Svalina

As they do most of their work in the field or the studio, they do not have a fixed office, and their daily work varies depending on whether they are in production or post-production.

During production, they usually spend many hours in the field, which includes traveling, preparing ideas, and collaborating with clients, as well as filming itself, while during post-production they often spend days working from home offices.

“It is important to maintain a quality balance between one and the other aspect of the job, and we enjoy both.”

Among the projects and collaborations they are particularly proud of, Noa singled out these two:

  • product photography for the first Croatian kombucha – Ekipa Kompucha
  • shooting a promo video for Madirazza Winery in Pelješac

“These projects are especially dear to us because they were very interesting, and we are extremely satisfied with the overall results and the materials that were delivered to the clients.

I am particularly proud of my work on the video edit for Rimac, which I worked on as part of the LOOP Agency, and I would like to achieve similar success as part of Fundamento Studio,” explained Noa and added:

“Every project is an opportunity for us to show 100% of our motivation and commitment.”

Noa Barić

Of course, during our conversation, we also touched upon the importance and impact of volunteering on their careers.

“Volunteering had a significant impact on developing our skills and starting this business. Through the DUMP Association, we met and created valuable connections, and we also had the opportunity to work on socially useful projects,” recalled Noa and emphasized:

“We believe that volunteering is extremely valuable, especially in student days, as it provides an opportunity for personal development and the creation of business connections that are useful for the future.”

Fundamento Studio currently has no open job positions, but they are always open to collaborating with external experts in areas such as marketing and illustrations.

“If you have a project that you would like to collaborate on, feel free to contact us to define the details,” invites the co-founder of Fundamento Studio.

And finally, here’s why this young creative team joined the Split Tech City community:

“We joined the Split Tech City community because we believe it is important to contribute to the community that supported us when we were in the initial phase.

Through our contribution, we are building the foundations for a strong community that will benefit in the future. We want to contribute and help in the development of the technological and entrepreneurial scene in Split, which will in turn also benefit us and all other members of the community.”

Fundamento Studio is preparing a lot of interesting projects in 2024, so be sure to follow them on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Fundamento Studio, welcome! 😀


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