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Workspace is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


We enter the new year by welcoming our newest community member whose work we will introduce you to today.

Workspace is a digital studio with the breadth of an agency, focusing on providing clients with a top-notch digital presence. Their Director, Ivan Lovrić, revealed everything about their projects and working methods.

Elite squad for web design and web development

Workspace consists of a group of creative designers, developers, and other experts in their field who are passionate about creating top-notch digital products.

“We offer full service to our clients – from discovery, through design and development, to delivery.”

The Workspace team focuses on the development of creative presentation solutions that have a resolved communication component.

Ivan Lovrić

“We are not unfamiliar with the ‘product‘ sphere, where we help B2B clients in their business by becoming the technical department for their digital products that we develop together,” explained Ivan.

Creating additional value for clients through digital products

Regarding technologies they use, they mostly work with React, Next.js, TypeScript, Gsap, and Strapi.

As for the projects they are most proud of, Ivan points out that they are always happy to come into contact with new industries, so they are currently developing custom headless CMS solutions for e-learning and e-commerce platforms.

They have the most experience in any fields related to maritime, nautical, and shipbuilding, where, in addition to the presentation part, they help clients in various spheres of business automation.

“By understanding the industry well, we help our clients get to the core of their problem.

Therefore, our goal is not just to get into a project and do something, but to understand the client’s business, and the challenges they face and then jointly come up with a solution to solve real problems through a digital product and create additional value for our clients,” said Ivan.

Welcome to Split Tech City!

We asked Ivan why the Workspace team decided to join the Split Tech City community, and this is what he had to share:

“To use the famous catchphrase: it was never a question of what Split Tech City can do for us, but what we can do for the community. We want to open up to everyone who wants to get to know us, connect with those who share the same passions, and contribute to all the activities that make this community a better place for all companies with a local address and global ambitions.”

We look forward to our cooperation and all the stories we will tell together!

Workspace, welcome to Split Tech City!


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