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Kàko – a magazine celebrating quality

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This Friday it’s time for an ode to experiencing quality with a very particular event: Kàko magazine launch.

Initiated by Ivan Blagajić, Nives Bošnjak, and Alen Marić, Kàko is a free magazine, independent of the advertising industry, in which content comes before form and in which there is no place for hastily written stories with insufficient information that exists only to meet set quotas.

Kàko – an ode to taking your time to experience quality

We live in a time of short formats and media dopamine hits that call for just one more click. Stories are neglected, downloaded from social networks, and shortened to the benefit of impatient scrollers and to the detriment of complete information.

Readers have become irrelevant, it is only important to record every trace they leave behind.

This trace is a clue that the marketing wizards will use to target them as precisely as possible with ads for things they don’t need while promising them to become the person they don’t want to be.

In this chaos of an endless flow of information, Kàko magazine was created as a response, a medium that offers a sense of presence, dedication, and attention.

Kàko magazine brings stories about creative individuals, keepers of tradition, quality living, amazing places, and social phenomena – all with an emphasis on the storytelling process.

Physical meeting and connection with the interlocutor, traveling to another country or city, touching the materials we write about, you will read the whole process from each story because that is what makes them alive, important, and worth telling.

Modern people are too isolated from the process. They don’t know where their food comes from, who made their clothes, and what the bed they sleep on is made of.

Kàko magazine brings a new narrative that, away from established reporting on lifestyles, opens up space for a different way of thinking and encourages questioning.

Durability and quality versus transience and consumption. Participation versus alienation. Paper against the screen.

The process of creating Kàko magazine is slow and thorough, so its creators suggest you read it that way.

Eternity – the topic of the first Kàko

The first issue of Kàko magazine emerged from eternity. From the term which we gladly glorify and demonize. A term that is omnipresent in the contemporary media narrative in superficial topics about beauty, reports on climate changes that are changing the face of the Earth, and reports from battlefields where wars are fought for the benefit of a few powerful people.

The desire for endless control is in human nature, but despite man – the world changes; disappears and comes into existence – eternally.

The stories of well-known authors, which the Kàko team collected on more than 130 pages of the first issue, talk about eternity in architecture, art, clothing, migration, tourism, capitalism, death – and, each, in its own way, makes you think.

Kàko was created slowly and the Kàko team hopes that you will consume it slowly, as well – returning to it again and again, studying every page, photo, word, and allowing the stories within to capture and hold you. Sometimes maybe even forever.

We invite you to step into eternity with Kàko this Friday at 19:00 at the Adriatic Social Club: get your copy of the first issue, hang out with some great people, and dance to the beats of DJ Oz!

Photos: Kàko magazine


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