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Split Tech City is a community composed of well-intentioned and progressive companies, startups, associations, initiatives, institutions and individuals. Together we encourage and develop the IT sector of Split and the surrounding region.

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Split Tech City community: looking back and charging forward!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


2023 overall

2023 was a busy and lively year! The local tech community kept growing, the number of tech-related events was also increasing, and we all benefited from the liveliness of Split’s tech community.

Throughout 2023 – more precisely at the end of March and at the beginning of July and October – we periodically glanced back on what happened and what we achieved together.

The end of 2023, while busy with end-of-the-year commitments for all Split Tech City companies, still brought several well-attended events organized by the companies themselves, as well as our much-adored Split Tech Cup and the final 2023 editions of our Women In Tech and Split Startups Meetup.

Could we say it was a good year? Sure! 😀

Split Tech City community

We like to say we’re growing towards becoming a Mediterranean Tech Hub, and the Split Tech City community plays a large role in making that happen by growing year after year. Aside from attending and taking part in the events we organize, many companies also initiated their own industry-specific events.

Another way we could sort of make everyone aware Split is not just a city of tourism, but also a city of technology is by giving the members of our tech community some time in the spotlight.

We did that through our #MembersHighlight and #CatchingUp series, as well as by sharing any news and updates from our community members – from celebrating awards to launching new products or initiating new partnerships. Many things happen in our little-big tech ecosystem throughout the year and we do try to share them all with you.

We do that to keep you up-to-date but also to showcase that, in a way, we already are a #MediterraneanTechHub. 😉

Into 2024…

So, what about this year? Well, we certainly do not intend to do anything but continue pushing forward and growing while doing our best to support and engage the local tech community in any way we can.

Therefore, in 2024, you can expect another edition of the Split Tech City Festival, another NEXT Youth Conference will take place, as well as several editions of Split Startups Meetup, Women In Tech, and Locals’n’Nomads.

Some will have a slight change in their format, but all will have that typical #SplitTechCityLifestyle thing going on: sharing knowledge and experiences coupled with great networking! 🙂

If you wish to give your feedback on these events or express your wishes – feel free to do so by filling out this brief questionnaire. We always like to hear what the community has to say and will do our best to implement it in our work!

But we won’t stop at events only, of course! You will have the opportunity to continue learning more about the Split Tech City community through various articles such as #MembersHighlight, #CatchingUp, or #SplitFounders.

If you are currently living here you will also be kept up to date with tech-related events in Split and if you are still far away from our beautiful city our podcast series might entice you to move to our lovely hometown.

So, keep an eye on this space! It’s going to be another dynamic year – we’ll make sure of it! 😀


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Split Tech City

We are the first formal association of Split’s tech community which includes companies, associations, institutions, meetups, and individuals.

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