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Get Ready for the DK Festival 2024!

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DK Festival, known as Dani komunikacija in Croatian, is recognized as one of the best events in the world according to the British Association Excellence Awards due to its out-of-the-box approach, unique festival offer, high-quality production, and organization.

The new edition of the DK Festival – which is known for bringing together key representatives of advertisers, agencies, public relations experts, media representatives, and other professionals from the communication industry who are key to creating and initiating change – will once more gather everyone in Rovinj this April.

Unrepeatable atmosphere, packed halls, high-quality and current topics, global leaders, and charging of creative batteries in the spring atmosphere of Rovinj’s Lone Hotel among domestic leaders from the world of market communications – preparations are in full swing for the new DK Festival, which will take place from April 11 to 14 and once more gather a large community of communicators.

The official schedule of the DK Festival has been published, and this year the participants will be able to participate in a series of interesting discussions on topics of great importance to the industry.

Premiere of the Fourth Festival Hall

During the three days, the DK Festival will host numerous world-renowned lecturers during the day, and the evenings will be dedicated to the awarding of awards to the best in the industry, followed by the celebration of this success.

In addition to the main hall AAA, which will be the central meeting place of the DK community from morning to night, as well as the BEE hall and the DK LLLounge, which are the place for the most interesting discussions, sharing of impressions, gathering knowledge and typical-atypical questioning of the communication world – the DK community from now on expands to the fourth hall ŠŠŠumica.

World Industry Favorites in Rovinj

Let us remind you that many lecturers of an exceptional line-up of typical-atypical DK Festival have already been announced – the participants will be joined in Rovinj by the world-renowned behavioral economist, psychologist, and scientist who deals with human behavior, Dan Ariely; creative rebel from Asia with more than a thousand recognitions for his work Eugene Cheong; futurist and world-renowned expert who uses science to deconstruct stress and motivation, Shivvy Jervis; lead communicator of Google AI Lab Deepmind, SpaceX and Facebook Dex Hunter-Torricke; the first female lawyer specializing in video game regulation and copyright who will take us on a journey through the controversial metaverse of Micael Mantegno.

Furthermore, the DK Festival stage will also welcome world-renowned neuroscientist and leader of the new generation of marketing leaders Moran Cerf powered by Hrvatski Telekom; founder of the viral Facebook pages UNILAD and LADbible and one of the first to realize how truly influential social media can be Alex Partridge; world-renowned brand strategist who creates unique experiences for brands, leading them to their business goals Brian Collins; globally award-winning speaker, author and communication coach who transforms companies, managers and leaders into communication masters Marnick Vandebroek; marketing expert specializing in brand growth and author of the bestseller The Laws of Brand Storytelling Jessica Gioglio – and several other big world names in the industry who will offer invaluable experiences, enviable knowledge, and top insights.

A New Oasis for Domestic Communicators

In addition to the knowledge that world experts will offer, the DK Festival is especially dedicated to the exchange of views and setting trends on a domestic scale.

Under the green canopy in the enchanting artistic ambiance of the hotel’s ground floor – the new ŠŠŠumica hall powered by Addiko Bank will therefore cover numerous current topics in the industry and gather around them the leaders of these fields, as well as all those who have something to say and learn.

This outdoor festival location will allow participants to follow in silent mode with headphones for complete concentration or without headphones while conversing with colleagues, in a relaxed DK manner.

From creativity and attention in digital marketing to regional creative achievements, legislative frameworks important for communicators, and several other topics, ŠŠŠumica, just like DK Festival – never predictable and always outside the box – will host all those who are thirsty for knowledge, regardless of their preference of comfortable armchairs or bar stools next to the bar, which is in the immediate vicinity.

All creatives, marketers, digital people, media, and other communicators who want to be in the company of domestic and world market leaders this year can find information about participation at the DK Festival website!

Photos: Dani komunikacija


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