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Postindustria reveals what it’s like being a part of the Split Tech City community!

Nikolina Kukoč

Nikolina Kukoč


The story of the Split Tech City community started spontaneously, out of necessity, and with great enthusiasm.

Like a pebble thrown into a still lake, a few proactive individuals quite naturally set off an unstoppable wave of mutual support and reinforcement, positivity and productivity.

Years later, the Split Tech City community they created continues to grow and empower not only its members but also the environment in which it operates.

#SplitTechCityLifestyle at the Split Tech City Festival

Because of that, being a member of the Split Tech City community is not a passing trend. Companies that join us are socially responsible and modern companies that understand the importance of networking to benefit business and ecosystem growth.

This benefit is recognized not only by the companies that have been founded in Split but also by companies that acknowledged our hometown as a growing Mediterranean Tech Hub and decided to open a branch of their company here.

Konstantin at one of the “Locals’n’Nomads” meetups

One such individual is Konstantin Mirin, the CEO of Postindustria, who moved to Split, discovered the #SplitTechCityLifestyle after joining a few of our meetups, and added Postindustria to the ever-growing list of Split Tech City community members.

Konstantin was one of the internationals who shared their story in the Split Tech City podcast

Split Tech City’s collaboration with the Postindustria team is pretty active and substantial, so we sat down with Suzana Špika, their Head of People Operations, for a chat about all we did together.

So, read our case study interview to find out what a Split Tech City membership looks like! 😀

The Postindustria team
How did the cooperation between Postindustria and the Split Tech City Association begin?

“When you enter a new country intending to develop your company further, you can benefit greatly from information and acquaintances from your field of work.

When our CEO Konstantin Mirin moved to Split about three years ago, he first looked for an active tech community. Given his international experience in situations like this, he had certain expectations.

However, what he came across here was definitely not what he expected and it actually pleasantly surprised him!

Konstantin talks about life in Split and its tech community

Split Tech City is an entire functional community that gathers all relevant stakeholders of the tech industry of Split, its region, and beyond.

Joining the Split Tech City Association was a logical and correct step that accelerated the initial steps of Postindustria’s expansion in the new country.”

What does membership in the Split Tech City association mean for Postindustria?

“Entry of any tech-related company into the Split region is, in our opinion, unthinkable without membership in the Split Tech City community.

Knowledge-sharing as part of Postindustria company culture

Postindustria entered the Croatian labor market at the most challenging time possible in terms of the number of tech companies in this area.

The Split Tech City Association has significantly contributed to the perception of Postindustria as a relevant company that is not just another foreign company – here for a brief time – but is here to stay.

We proved this by continuous employment throughout Croatia in the past two years, and by opening an office in Split from which the entire company is actually managed.

Suzana participates in a panel discussion at the Split Tech City Festival

Although we operate on several continents, it is precisely in Split that the majority of key persons – Postindustria’s decision-makers – are located.

We live locally and think globally!” 😉

In which aspects of Split Tech City’a activities has Postindustria participated so far?

“Postindustria is the most active in terms of sharing knowledge and experience by participating in Split Tech City’s events as panelists and/or independent lecturers, as well as volunteer authors of written content.

Konstantin gave a lecture at the Open Coffee Meetup

For us, this is also the most meaningful, considering that within Postindustria we place a great deal of focus on exactly that – knowledge-sharing is one of the most important determinants of our company culture.

Our team consists of over 80% senior and mid-level employees whose mindset is characterized by continuous improvement, therefore active development and knowledge-sharing are actually our usual modus operandi.

Suzana as part of the Split Tech City Women In Tech Meetup

To maintain this kind of culture, we pay close attention to the candidate’s personality when hiring.

And the Split QA Meetup, which is organized under our sponsorship and production, is actually a logical extension into the community of what happens inside Postindustria as a company.”

Among many collaborations we realized together, which particular cooperation of Postindustria and Split Tech City would you like to single out?

“It was a special pleasure for us to support young people in the realization of last year’s NEXT Youth Conference.

The events organized by Split Tech City are great, but NEXT really had a special energy – as everyone who attended will confirm.

The contagiously positive NEXT Youth Conference energy

With our participation, the Postindustria team was happy to support a big, brave step taken by young people to tailor, organize, and realize the event according to their interests.

The young NEXT organizers showed that anything is possible when you want to, and we are sure that with their example, they encouraged others to be braver and to dare – which was also the main conclusion of NEXT.”

Suzana as part of the NEXT Conference panel discussion
In your opinion, what are the advantages of membership in the Split Tech City Association for a company?

“The most important aspect that runs directly and indirectly through the entire activity of Split Tech City is networking.

Such an active and wide social network facilitates access to information and the realization of various collaborations. We progress faster together and reach levels that we probably might have reached independently, but more slowly and laboriously.

Typical #SplitTechCityLifestyle networking

This is not limited only to opening possible collaborations between companies, but also related to getting closer to potential new employees.

Any company that is part of the Split Tech City community is no longer perceived as a closed office.

At events organized by Split Tech City, all those interested have the opportunity to listen to and meet people from any company, think about whether they resonate with such a culture and way of working, and make an informed decision about whether they might want to join it in the future.

Konstantin as a panelist at the recent Split Startups Meetup

I can also single out the support we received from Split Tech City when starting the Split QA Meetup.

Promotion on all Split Tech City channels – website and social media – helped us spread the good news in a very short time and quickly reach the audience who finds QA events interesting and useful.”

Do you have any special message from the Postindustria team for current and/or future members of the Split Tech City Association?

“Just this one: who doesn’t want to be a part of something positive and productive?! We absolutely want to – and you should, too!”

Suzana as part of the #STCFestival edition of the Split Startups Meetup

With this high word of praise for Split Tech City’s work from the Postindustria team we will wrap this case study interview up and invite you to join the Split Tech City community!

p.s. Dear Postindustria team, thank you for your support, and we’re looking forward to our continuous collaboration! 😀


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