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Split Tech City was part of the BioMOZAIK Karst and Sea Project!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


At the beginning of this week, the Faculty of Economics of the University of Split hosted four activities of the project BioMOZAIK Karst and Sea intended for teachers and students of elementary school.

Split Tech City was also invited to join in by presenting to the teachers and supporting the student bio-economy hackathon. 😀


The BioMOZAIK Karst and Sea project includes primary schools in the transport, socio-economic, educational, and culturally-historically interconnected areas of the coast and hinterland of Split-Dalmatia County, whose teachers and students show a strong interest, but have a lack of resources for the implementation of programs in the field of STEM, ICT, and entrepreneurship in the sectors of bio-economy, biotechnology, green and blue economy/innovation as a determinant of new policies of the EU and the Republic of Croatia.

The goal of the project is the development of excellence in primary school education in the fields of STEM, ICT, entrepreneurship, and active citizenship with an emphasis on the field of bio-economy and biotechnology.

The BioMOZAIK Karst and Sea project is the first phase of the wider regional excellence project of Split-Dalmatia County, i.e. part of the national strategic project Izvrsna.hr, which the Split-Dalmatia County is launching in cooperation with the Center of Excellence in the Lika-Senj, Osijek-Baranja and Virovitica-Podravine counties.


At the Faculty of Economics in Split two project conferences for educators, one focused on the STEM field, and the other on entrepreneurship, active citizenship, and ICT, were the main events of the day. Recognized experts from the thematic areas covered by the project participated as lecturers at the conferences, and they imparted their knowledge and provided advice to the educational staff.

In addition to the two conferences, a hackathon for students was also held, where five student teams solved social problems of the community related to the bio-economy.

This interactive BioMOZAIK event provided an opportunity for students to contribute to the creation of positive changes in the local community through teamwork and innovative solutions.

A fair of student cooperatives was also held, where student cooperatives from 10 elementary schools from the area of Dalmatian Zagora and the municipality of Gradac presented their products, services, and achievements.

This fair was an opportunity to promote entrepreneurial spirit and creativity among young people. 🙂

Importance of BioMOZAIK

The participants expressed satisfaction with the activities carried out and emphasized the importance of continuing such initiatives for the further development of education and the community.

The BioMOZAIK Karst and Sea project is implemented within the framework of the “Local Development and Poverty Reduction” program, which is part of the financial mechanisms of the European Economic Area and the Kingdom of Norway.

The purpose of the project is the establishment of a sustainable micro-regional system of excellence in the bio-economy sector in the areas of the coast and hinterland of the local government of Split-Dalmatia County, which is characterized by strong transport, socio-economic, educational, and cultural-historical connections.

The project holder is Ivan Goran Kovačić Elementary School from Cista Velika, and the project partners are Kamešnica Elementary School, Milan Begović Elementary School, Trilj Elementary School, Josip Vergilij Perić Elementary School, Runović Elementary School, Dr. Fra Karlo Balić Elementary School, Ivan Mažuranić Elementary School, Tin Ujević Elementary School, Cluster for Eco-Social Innovation and Development CEDRA Split, and International Development Norway.

The project “Bio-economy, Schools and Gardens of Wisdom, Sustainability, Knowledge, Actions, Innovations, and Creations for Our Karst and Sea” – operating under the acronym BioMOZAIK Karst and Sea – was financed by the EEA (European Economic Area), Iceland, the Principality of Liechtenstein, and the Kingdom of Norway (Norway – chief representative) of the financial mechanism for the period from 2014 to 2021.

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