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Caelor is the Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


We continue with great news and updates from the Split Tech City community members with an update from the Caelor team who have recently been granted the title of Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partners.

Caelor is a global software development company specializing in Atlassian application development.

The company has offices in Zagreb, Split, Zadar, and Cologne. Naturally, the Caelor team consists of Atlassian experts – highly motivated developers, creative designers, and experienced product managers.

Caelor‘s greatest distinctiveness is the team’s focus on the end-user experience. The users’ opinions are very important to Caelor for any improvements. Together with numerous Atlassian partners, the Caelor team develops software solutions tailored to the needs of each user.

The interesting fact about Caelor is that most of their applications were created at the request of clients.

For the Caelor team, becoming Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partners is a testament to the commitment and adherence to Atlassian’s enhanced App Security and Customer Support requirements, which were evaluated during Atlassian’s bi-annual program-level review.

This incredible milestone reflects Caelor’s dedication and passion to deliver innovative solutions while enhancing team collaboration and productivity: “A heartfelt thank you to our valued customers, trusted partners, every single amazing team member at Caelor, and, of course, Atlassian for this incredible recognition.

This achievement marks the start of an exciting journey, and we’re eager to build on this success together!”

Congratulations to Caelor on all their hard work that made this achievement possible! 😀

Photos and visuals: Caelor


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