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SeekandHit is a Meta Certified Company!

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Through the combined efforts of several employees – twenty of them to be exact, who individually took the Meta exams under the watchful eye of the official proctor, SeekandHit became the proud holder of the Meta Media Certified Company title.

This certification, also the highest Meta achievement currently available, proves the expertise and knowledge of SeekandHit employees in managing digital campaigns on Meta platforms.

To find out more about this great SeekandHit achievement, we spoke with Iva Horvat Radman, who explained to us the importance of this certificate, the process of taking it, and of course, the advantages it brings.

What is a Meta Certificate and who is it for?

“The Meta Certificate is a global recognition that Meta awards when you prove your knowledge and professionalism in running online campaigns – in our case, performance marketing – on Meta’s platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Meta awards two levels with the certificate, either at the personal level of the account manager or at the company level, which is obtained thanks to the efforts of the employees.

The certificate for companies is intended for those who use Meta’s platforms and corresponding strategies in their digital marketing strategy.

The Meta Media Certificate focuses on media planning or media buying strategies.

There are certificates for other categories, as well – depending on the interests of the account manager or the company itself, which focus on analytics and data, creativity, community management, or content.”

How to get a Meta Certificate?

“To receive recognition at the company level, certain requirements must be met.

For our certificate, Meta Media Certified Company, it was necessary to collect at least 20 Meta Certified Media Buying and/or Media Planning certificates; or that – depending on the size of the company or department – at least 20% of employees have obtained certificates.

One thing leads to another – first, you need to pass the certificate personally, and, when the requirements are met within the team, then you can apply for recognition at the company level.

That is why we are especially proud of such a large number of Meta Certified team members and the joint effort that made it possible to obtain the Meta Certified Company certificate.”

And what does the certification process look like?

“Before the actual certification, it is necessary to study the materials on Meta’s platform. It takes approximately 5 hours, but with doing test exams and reading the provided material, that time is extended.

Also, the materials are not simple, you need to understand the point of the question. It comes in handy to have experience working with Meta’s platforms, because then everything becomes a little more concrete.

As for the exam itself, you need to pay an exam fee, it lasts 105 minutes, and it is taken under the watchful eye of a proctor.

The taker should ensure that there is no noise, that the exam space is closed, and that everything is as it should be from the technical side – you even need to be mindful of your movements!

We have had the experience of several colleagues failing the exam because the proctors misinterpreted their body movements, so this can make the situation even more difficult. Personally, I experienced the application process as challenging, but in the end, it was less stressful than what I originally expected.

The exam itself is not that difficult if you have mastered the materials well.

The questions can seem ambiguous, and you need to understand very well what exactly is being asked for as an answer, but if you understand that, then there should be no problem in passing it.”

The Meta Certified Company statue just arrived at SeekandHit offices in Split
What does it really mean to be a Meta Certified Company?

“At the company level, this is an indicator of how much we are trying to improve our knowledge and scope of work.

Of course, it’s great that SeekandHit invests in the professional education of all employees, and that we can also participate in various projects and implement the acquired knowledge.

For clients, certification proves competence – clients can be sure that we follow trends and news in the industry, and that we apply them in business through Meta’s campaigns.”

And finally – what’s next for the SeekandHit team?

“Well, obtaining another certificate! Jokes aside, we currently have over 100 certificates for working on Meta, Google, and Microsoft platforms, and we are very proud of that.

In the end, the point of everything is not to have a certificate for the mere fact that we have it – for SeekandHit its importance lies in the investment in the knowledge and development of all employees.

In addition, this certificate is proof of our effort and commitment, and in this way, we also create credibility in the work we do.

What we are also planning is to create a series related to doing business on Meta platforms, so we invite you to follow SeekandHit on social networks and keep an eye on our blog.

And if you’re still curious, you can find even more about the Meta program on their website.”

We thank Iva for this informative chat about the Meta certification process and congratulate the SeekandHit team on this great achievement!

Photos: SeekandHit


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