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The Split Startups Meetup that was all about AI

Nikolina Kukoč

Nikolina Kukoč


Is it friend or foe? Will it replace us, or will we keep the reigns? Is it a brand-new technology, or has it been used for years already without us being aware of it? Is it complex to understand, or do we actually get it already?

You asked for it in your feedback, and we delivered – artificial intelligence was the star of this show! 😀

Through the panel discussion titled “Spot on AI! we focused on this particular technology.

By not going too deep into the tech side of things and keeping things informal we talked about the use of AI in general, the difference in using AI privately and on a company level, the implementation of AI into new products or services, the usefulness of AI for startups, and some other AI-related things and tidbits.

When we say “we“, we actually mean our excellent panelists who were guided by our fabulous moderator Michael:

And all the attendees who took part in the Q&A after with some insightful questions! 🙂

We won’t go into a lengthy word-by-word recount of all that was discussed during this panel discussion, but invite you to watch the video on Split Tech City’s YouTube channel.

That way you surely won’t miss any important insights our panelists shared with the crowd during this edition of the Split Startups Meetup.

What you have missed is the excellent presentation of this year’s edition of the Hack4Split hackathon, as well as one brave startup pitch delivered by Vice Pleština of MyRent – an all-in-one solution for tourism.

And of course – the networking! 😉

The networking during which everyone got the chance to discuss with and learn more from our panelists about their specific AI areas: marketing, science, and art. And have a beer or two. 🙂

We had a great time at The Works coworking during this edition of Split Startups Meetup and can’t wait for the next one!

p.s. You can always leave your feedback for the next one, you know. 😀

Photos: Ivan Gracin


About author:

Nikolina Kukoč

Researching is woven into my DNA, but I am a musician at heart. Interested in too many things and always curious. Forever in love with Split and enchanted by people who teach me new things. When I am not creating content about Split's tech community, you will find me in singing rehearsals, somewhere in nature, in the theater, or with my head stuck in a book. I do my best to live by the verse from the opera "Fedora" by Umberto Giordano: "Love forbids you not to love."

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