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Nava IT is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

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We are pleased that at the beginning of this year, another successful company joined the Split Tech City community. They are Nava IT, presented to us by their director Igor Nazor.

Nava IT is a company that deals with the adaptation and implementation of ERP software solutions. They use the ERP solution platform ODOO and are its official partner for Croatia.

They currently have seven employees, and their offices are located in Split and Zagreb.

We asked Igor if he could list the past projects and collaborations he’s most proud of, and he answered:

“Following a safe approach with the logic of ‘if I don’t mention someone, they will be offended’, I will wisely assert that all our projects and clients, from the smallest to the largest, are a reason to be proud of – for the way and quality with which we approached them.”

Igor Nazor
Business in construction

What stands out positively, he admits, is that they independently developed a very complex module for business in construction:

“Our ERP has a ‘built-in’ software for construction business, which eliminated painful integrations with construction applications and we see this as our distinct achievement given that we had to incorporate and combine a broad knowledge of construction and software solutions.”

ERP software solution ODOO is a modern system and, compared to others, is extremely quickly adaptable, and is based on the computer language Phyton and the Postgres database.

Bookkeeping in ERP

Furthermore, Igor points out that they are proud of the seemingly simple fact that, in their ERP, bookkeeping is done in one accounting service.

“There are many software solutions specialized in bookkeeping on the market that we objectively do not even compete within that niche.

Practically speaking, bookkeeping in our ERP system is one of the support modules that make our system complete.

The fact that an accounting service has chosen ODOO to manage its clients’ accounting is a big deal and a success because it proves the practicality and applicability of the software and the quality of our support,” Igor proudly explains.

At the end of 2023, they completed a recruitment round, so they are currently onboarding eager new employees, while you will be able to see the positions they will open in the future on our website in the Jobs section.

Welcome to the Split Tech City community!

They joined our community because of the opportunity to collaborate with other members, which encourages the exchange of ideas and potential new projects and business opportunities:

“Being part of the Split Tech City community enables visibility and promotion of projects and companies within the local and global technology scene.”

Nava IT, thank you for your trust and welcome! 🙂

Photos: Nava IT


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