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EPAM Campus is your opportunity for new knowledge and growth!

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We’re bringing some exciting news from the EPAM team for all of you who are eager to expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons!

This knowledgeable tech team set up their EPAM Campus series of educational programs.

EPAM Campus allows you to expand your knowledge on your own schedule without obligations. It offers a catalog of diverse educational opportunities, from basic self-paced courses to advanced internships, to help you jumpstart and develop your career. It is specifically designed to help you accelerate your skills.

We asked the EPAM team members from EPAM Hungary – Judit Győri, Talent Development Associate Manager, and Nikolett Misángyi, Senior Talent Development Specialist, to share more about the various EPAM Campus programs: “Empowering talents is part of our key values as a company and a leader in the tech field.

We want to support individuals to develop their skills, gain new knowledge, and unfold their potential.

Throughout this interview, we will share more about EPAM Campus and its courses, specifically designed for young professionals and career changers.”

How would you briefly introduce the EPAM Campus programs?

“The programs are online, free training that can be completed with a flexible schedule, without requiring IT-specific training – just minimum programming knowledge.

Each program at EPAM Campus can also be completed online but is aimed at those with solid basic knowledge of the given technology. Our courses launch in several areas, so everyone can find what suits their interests and previous knowledge.”

Who would you recommend EPAM Campus programs to?

“Basically, to anyone who is thinking about a career change, or is still a university student and would like to expand their studies with programming knowledge and has already started to get acquainted with some programming language in a self-taught way, but feels the need for professional guidance, structuring of their knowledge.

The minimum age for applying is 18 years.”

On which areas do the EPAM Campus programs focus?

“Currently, five courses are open Automated Testing in Java, Automated Testing in .Net, Front-End Online Program, Basics of Tech, and Java Start Program.

Our Front-End Online Program consists of self-study training with Q&A sessions, workshops, and mentoring, as well as an assessment to pass the course. You will deepen your knowledge of JS and CSS and broaden your opportunities. The course is based on Git Basics; CSS Fundamentals and JavaScript Fundamentals.

Automated Testing in Java will help you learn core software development and testing artifacts; advance your proficiency in Java; master modern frameworks for test automation, version control with Git, and build tools.

Automated Testing in .Net will advance your proficiency in C#. If you have basic programming skills in C# and aspire to shape your career in Automated Testing, then this program is what you need. You will learn software development methodologies; test automation fundamentals; version control with Git; development and build tools, C# core, and Automated testing in .NET.

If you are not sure in which tech area you would like to advance your knowledge, don’t worry – we got you covered with our Basics of Tech course.

From the Basics of Computer Science to an overview of Cloud and Web technologies – you’ll progress from novice to confident beginner in tech while gaining clarity on where you want to focus your growth.

Our Java Start Program training provides a combination of valuable knowledge and practical exercises, which you wouldn’t be able to gain anywhere else in just a few months. The program has been developed for students and career changers interested in tech and who have basic programming knowledge.”

What are the criteria for applying to EPAM Campus programs?

“At least B1-level English language skills are required – spoken and written – and strong logical and algorithmic thinking is important. In addition, all training does not start completely from the basic level, so basic knowledge is also a requirement.”

Is there a selection process for EPAM Campus programs? If yes, what does it include?

“This varies by program. In all cases, an English language test is required.”

What can the attendees expect if they start one of the EPAM Campus programs? How does the training take place?

“This also varies by program, but all programs are online, so they can be completed from home.

The time devoted to learning can be flexibly adjusted and the courses can be completed even while working full-time, however, in some programs, online webinars may also be part of the training, which require a real-time, online presence.

It is worth mentioning that one can enroll in just one course at a time.”

What happens after the EPAM Campus programs?

“Each program is built up in several stages, and the best performers can progress after each stage. Anyone who gets to the end of the program will gain marketable knowledge or even win a junior position.”

Why should a recent graduate or a career changer start one of the EPAM Campus programs?

“If someone is just getting acquainted with programming, they may feel that there is too much material available on the internet and it is difficult to select the ones that are really necessary as a junior.

EPAM’s programs help provide the knowledge needed in enterprise software development.”

Some of the programs are already underway but will be repeated in the future while others are still open for applications.

In any case, we invite you all to keep an eye on all EPAM Campus activities and apply when the time comes so you don’t miss your chance to dive deep into the tech world, broaden your horizons, and jump to the next level.

Get learning with EPAM Campus! 😀

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