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NEXT Panel Discussion: What will I do with myself?

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


We announced NEXT, announced the first and second NEXT speakers, and then we decided to make you reflect deeply by asking this particular question, which is also the title of the panel discussion that will take place at NEXT. The answer to the question in the title is simple:

“I’ll come to NEXT on March 25th at 10:00 AM at the Amphitheater of Dom mladih – that’s what I’ll do with myself!” 😉

Well of course you will come to NEXT! All joking aside, the panel discussion bears this particular title for a reason because you’ve all probably asked yourself that question at one point or another.

What will you do with yourself? What will you do in the future? What do you want to become? Who do you want to be? How to get there?

Coming to NEXT can offer you some answers to these questions!

The main topic of the panel discussion will focus on the fundamental values for the development of a successful person and career.

From some extremely important and, above all, interpersonal skills that will benefit you, both in everyday life and in your future career, to guidelines for personal development from different perspectives – this is what the NEXT panelists will offer you.

All these key points will be discussed during the panel: “What am I going to do with myself?”

You’re probably curious about who is wise enough to advise you on these topics, right?! Well, let’s get to know them:

  • Josip Bujas – He says that he has been a fan of technology since he was six years old. He is a mentor and advisor at the Center of Excellence of Split-Dalmatia County, an ambassador in the promotion of blockchain technology, and a co-founder of the Neutroni association for gifted children.
  • Suzana Špika Šimera – She obtained a master’s degree in psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb, after which she got certified in psychotherapy and lead management at the Willam Glasser International Institute. In addition to her primary occupation as a human resources manager at the international IT company Postindustria, Suzana also works as an external HR consultant, and as a lecturer at Aspira University in human resources management courses.
  • Toni Trivković – He is the founder and owner of the digital agency AGILO. Almost 15 years ago, he started OpenCoffee Split, the first IT meetup in Split, which in 2015 grew into Startup – an association for encouraging and developing the IT sector in Split and the region, today better known under the Split Tech City brand, of which Toni is the founder, president, and full-time volunteer.

Even though they are all amazing in their own way, they can still use some help in answering the question: “What am I going to do with myself?”

That is why they will be guided through this discussion by Pinija Poljaković, a young entrepreneur who is also the MC and moderator of the NEXT conference.

So – come to NEXT and find out what you’re going to do with yourself!

We’re waiting for you at the Amphitheater of Dom mladih on Saturday, March 25th! 😀

NEXT is free to attend, all you need to do is sign up via the registration form! And bring your friends along! 😉


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