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Global DevOps Experience 2024 in Split!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


On June 15, Split will host the unique free and global eventGlobal DevOps Experience 2024.

The focus of this event is on modern DevOps principles and practices that provide development teams with the best environment for work intending to increase their productivity and the quality of their work (Developer Experience – DevEx) and on building scalable and flexible software platforms that enable faster application development (Platform Engineering).

Digital Dalmatia recognized the importance of such opportunities for the local tech community, so it gave the PICS@FESB space to Agilist IT – the organizer of the event – to use on this occasion.

For more information about the Global DevOps Experience and to register, visit the event’s website.

This one-day event is not a typical workshop but an intensive hackathon, where participants will organize themselves into teams and work on real technological challenges using the latest technologiesGitHub, Azure, and AI (Copilot).

The main advantages of the Global DevOps Experience are:

  • Focus on technology – Participants will use advanced tools such as GitHub and the Azure cloud platform, and apply AI (Copilot) to help the fictitious company Globoticket in its technological advancement. Additionally, Microsoft Azure AI, DevOps, Platform Engineering, CI/CD, GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS), Blazor, and RAG will be used.
  • Hands-on experience – The hackathon format allows participants to learn through hands-on work on real problems in teams.
  • Cloud resources and infrastructure provided – Participants only need to bring their computer, everything else will be in the cloud! You will have the opportunity to try the platforms intended for large organizations, GitHug Enterprise and Microsoft Azure, sponsored by the tech giants GitHub and Microsoft. Experts from Xebia designed the story and challenges.
  • Global connectivity – The event will be held simultaneously in multiple locations worldwide, allowing participants to collaborate and compete globally.
  • Multilingual environment – Content and platforms will be in English, while local organizers plan to speak Croatian. All participants are welcome because the organizers will also use English if necessary.

The Global DevOps Experience is ideal for all skill levels – from beginners looking to start an IT career to seasoned professionals looking to improve their skills.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity – apply today!


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