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T29 is the new Culture Hub Croatia coworking and event space

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Culture Hub Croatia is a platform for education, creativity, and encouraging development through culture, that was officially founded in January 2017 with the primary goal of networking at the local and international level, as well as transferring knowledge from the rest of Europe, promoting artistic practice, and creating opportunities for learning and creativity in the local community.

They do this with various activities but what we’ll focus on here is – the space!

From the very beginnings of Culture Hub Croatia, their creative hub PROSTOR offered a cozy, open-space style space for individual or group work.

An integral part of the PROSTOR workspace is also the mezzanine office area suitable for more private work or small meetings. And now there’s a new coworking in town thanks to the CHC team who recognized the need for it and acted accordingly.

Recently they announced the merging of their existing coworking in PROSTOR with the recently opened coworking and event space T29!

What does this mean for users? Two spaces, 4 minutes walking distance from each other, same rates – choose your vibe!

PROSTOR is a dynamic creative hub, so you will be working surrounded by the Culture Hub Croatia team members, a bunch of plants, and really good coffee. Sometimes it’s super calm, sometimes the team is preparing exhibitions and events. You are welcome to join, meet interesting people, and become part of the community.

​​PROSTOR’s working hours are Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 and the space is available for drop-ins because booking is not required.

T29 is a calm workspace, if you’re lucky you might have it all for yourself or share it with another coworker because the CHC team accepts a maximum of 6 persons at T29 at the same time. It is located in a small square with a neighborhood-sized green market in the morning hours of the day. Perfect if you are looking for a very local vibe, far from the tourist crowds and noise.

​​Working hours of T29 are flexible because the time is arranged according to your needs and depending on availability. That is why this space does not accept drop-ins and booking is required.

T29 is also open-space style with no separate booths, but still quiet and calm enough if you have calls. If you need more privacy for you or your team, you can rent the whole space.

Both PROSTOR and T29 are only a 15-minute walk away from the historical city center of Split.

It is also worth noting that both of these spaces are fully non-profit and all income is invested in cultural and educational programs that the Culture Hub Croatia offers throughout the year at PROSTOR.

You can check the coworking rates and the rent conditions at the Culture Hub Croatia website. Happy coworking!

Photos: Culture Hub Croatia


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