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Split Tech City Members Highlight: Serengeti

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


We’re bringing you the next installment in the series dedicated to highlighting the fantastic work of the Split Tech City community members. You already had the chance to read about the following teams: NAIS, Blazorise, Kancelarija, Varyence, and CodeMage.

Today’s highlight is reserved for another hardworking #SplitTechCityMember team – Serengeti!

About Serengeti

Serengeti, an award-winning Croatian software development consulting firm, has experienced consistent growth in revenue, workforce, and expertise since its establishment in 2007.

Today, it stands as one of the rapidly growing IT software development companies in Croatia, boasting an average revenue growth rate of approximately 35%.

With over 300 projects, Serengeti has established itself as a trusted partner not only in Croatia and the surrounding region but also in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Over its 15-year journey, the company has concentrated on projects in the financial industry, logistics, industrial production, hospitality, energy, and healthcare.

Among its extensive clientele are prominent international companies such as Mercury, Protel, Erste Bank, and Addiko Bank.

After a two-year effort, Serengeti has unveiled its product for clients engaged in software development – the innovative FIYU platform.

Designed for global market use, this Rapid Application Development platform speeds up application development by up to 80%. It encompasses all aspects of software development, follows a modular approach, and adheres to the best development practices.

Thanks to challenging projects, expertise, and experience from domestic and global markets, investment in development, and the relaxed and open atmosphere that reigns in all Serengeti offices, the company is also recognized as a very desirable employer.

Most recent Serengeti news and updates

The Serengeti team is impressive at what they do! They have a regularly updated blog on their website where they share their knowledge, and they keep everyone posted on their business, tech, and out-of-the-office activities through LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in joining their awesome team, just check out their Careers section on their website.

They’ve been working so hard that they’ve even been nominated for the TechBehemoths Awards, in the “Custom software development” category.

You still have time to vote for them, so we’re inviting you to do so through this link!

Help them get the recognition they deserve for their great work! 😀

Photos: Serengeti


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