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Nikolina Kukoč

Nikolina Kukoč


Your future partners in Split

To better showcase the diversity of the tech ecosystem in Split, Croatia, we’re bringing you a short overview of digital agencies founded in Split and the work they do.

This way it will be easier for you to find a new partner right here in our city! 😀

Digital agencies tend to specialize in a specific area of digital product creation, in a particular niche market, general business size or type, or an otherwise specified client base.

By doing this, they hire for a specific skill set and obtain more experience in a focused area vs. trying to be everything to everyone.

A digital agency’s focus goes beyond just the aesthetics of design but also considers the overall user experience on every digital platform regardless of the type of device being used.

From web development and UX/UI web design to branding – and everything in between – a digital agency works to deliver a functional design that not only looks great but also drives business growth.

A digital agency understands the value of investing in advanced technology, as well as in highly skilled web developers, programmers, designers, and other experts.

With advanced skills and technology at their fingertips, a digital agency can offer multiple digital solutions to their clients, along with traditional creative design and branding services.

So, let’s take a look at what Split has to offer! 🙂


Since 2016 Agilno has been empowering companies with their specialty: turning ideas into reality. From product discovery itself where customers come to the Agilno team with their needs and problems to solve and then together they explore the market and possible competitors which leads to mapping out a plan towards a solution, all the way to product development the Agilno product teams offer world-class software development, quality assurance, as well as data and analytics services.

They take great pride in building successful, long-lasting, and profitable products that evolve their client’s businesses. Therefore, they continually strive to track, analyze, and optimize their work and processes. They consider themselves their client’s partner and, as such, the client’s success is their success, too.


This Mediterranean-based design and technology studio is all about the customer. They do their best to understand what you need and deliver high-quality work every time. AGILO presents itself as a sharp and agile agency that unites design, culture, and technology and focuses on creating meaningful content, strategy, and end–to–end design.

With six years of experience working with global clients in the fields of type, graphic design, technology development, and marketing, combined with top-quality education, the AGILO team has always managed to help their clients define their mission and achieve greater influence.


Whether you are building a new product or improving an existing one, the Blank team promises they will take it to the next level. This is a digital agency with more than ten years of professional experience that provides expertise in all phases of the digital product lifecycle.

The Blank team consists of both tech experts and entrepreneurs. Therefore, they have an excellent understanding of all the technological and business challenges of building a digital product. So far they have worked with startups, small businesses, as well as large enterprises.


CodeMage is a software development company from Split, founded to develop quality and long-lasting digital products. The team is focused on end-to-end projects because they want to be a part of the story from beginning to end on all levels. Their largest client is Bitcoin Store for whom they develop various systems for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency.

CodeMage is currently a small team but with aspirations for expansion in the nearer future. Regarding technologies, they use .NET on the backend and mostly Vue.js and React on the frontend. They also cover all roles in the software development lifecycle, and the quality of the product is their primary focus.


Evolutio is a company that specializes in merging different technologies and platforms. With offices in Zagreb, Split, and Zadar, Evolutio has become a second home for over 30 tech enthusiasts and creatives. They focus all of their efforts on achieving high-quality results and the complete satisfaction of their clients.

Creating native iOS, Android, and Web applications is a skill they have brought to perfection. Evolutio team also believes that everyday collaboration and communication are the keys to the success of any digital product. They create digital products that people use and always make a special connection with their clients.


littlecode is a client-driven group of IT professionals with more than thirty years of total team experience in web and mobile development committed to providing their clients with the best possible custom software development services.

The littlecode team builds high-quality business and mobile solutions that create reliable and competitive advantages for their worldwide clients. Besides their passion for programming, they are also focusing on helping young IT professionals to kick-start their projects, share knowledge, grow their network, and learn the newest trends in cutting-edge technologies.


Locastic is a digital agency founded in 2011. They specialized in web and mobile development and consulting. This award-winning agency consists of an agile team of professional developers, designers, and UX professionals with years of experience in software development for clients like A1, Cedevita, Tommy, PBZ, etc.

Their successful projects are the result of attending to all client and partner wishes, recognizing their business needs, and understanding the tech market. The main goal at Locastic is nurturing profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable long-term relationships with employees and customers.


PAGE is a creative agency launched by a team of driven IT experts with vast knowledge and experience in digital design, branding, IT development, and marketing. Their team combines high-quality, creative, industry-led digital development with a hands-on approach to client support and is led by the motto: “We shape modern brands into the creative leaders of today!”

This ensures that they can meet customer needs and make sure that the creative and digital solutions they provide never stray from reflecting the client’s vision. Through branding, social media, content creation, and web design, the PAGE team works to enhance your brand storytelling on a global scale.


Profico is a digital product agency focused on the development of mobile, web, and, as they like to say, Internet of Things solutions. Their team of over forty professionals in the field of software design and development, UI/UX design, digital marketing, and project management is oriented towards the global market.

Profico’s services are based on building product teams that design and develop solutions. The development processes are an important part of their everyday work, as well as an emphasis on exceptional team play, personal responsibility, and open and transparent access and communication on all levels. The Profico team gladly accepts challenges and is always open to learning something new.

Shard Labs

Shard Labs was founded in 2019. They represent a new generation of architects for a new borderless, transparent, and democratic world.

The agile Shard Labs team of consultants and developers provides all the components of successful project execution, from strategy and concept to implementation. The profound tech knowledge combined with business intelligence is what allows the Shard Labs team to create unique solutions that power enterprises, their employees, and customers every day.

Choose your digital agency!

The role of any digital agency is to create a connection between the physical and digital world. This means matching your physically existing business with an online presence which can allow your business to grow in a new direction.

We hope this short overview of our digital agencies gave you an insight into the richness of Split’s tech scene and maybe offered some information about the possible future business partner you can have in Croatia! 🙂

Cover photo by: Julio Juraga


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