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How Capture chose Split over Scandinavia to enrich the local tech scene

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Capture is a software development house specializing in delivering systems aimed at the Life-Science and Financial technology sector. Capture functions as the software development arm of the Hiberion Group, a privately owned Swedish corporation, its primary activity is to provide system solutions to its sister companies within the group.

Hiberion Group’s software ranges from medical research technologies and financial services to video streaming applications.

The main service offered is Trial Online, a software solution for managing clinical trials. Currently, more than 50,000 people are participating in close to 100 trials around the world, and the value of the managed data exceeds one billion euros. That is Capture in a nutshell.

But what we wanted to additionally showcase is how Capture came to be. That is why we sat down for a quick chat with Jonas and Kikki, who told us more about the human side of Capture. Jonas, who has been in the software industry for a long time, took to telling us the story of Capture:

“I have been working globally for the last 25 years. And I found myself at some point in Copenhagen where I met Kikki. We did not want to stay in Scandinavia, so we figured that we should move somewhere close to the Mediterranean. The logical choice was actually to go to Italy.

We went down to Italy to spend some time trying to find a good place to stay and on the way home, we stopped at Split for a few days. And we loved it! That is how we chose the location.

A couple of months later, I resigned and we moved here. At the same time, some people I used to work with started a group of companies – the Hiberion Group. And all of these companies needed some sort of software support. Therefore, instead of me working for all those companies, I created Capture three years ago and made it the software development arm of the Hiberion Group.

The more the demand for various software solutions grew within the Hiberion Group, the more Capture grew, and we started employing people.

At the moment there are seven of us with a few contractors, and we recently had to get a new office space, as we outgrew our current one. When we move to the new office, and in place of the new working circumstances that the Covid-19 pandemic introduced, we are going to integrate a new hybrid working strategy, with a mixture of working from the office and working from home, as this was a wish from our employees.“

At Capture, they prefer this type of smaller-team company to work at: “There is no red tape, there are no management levels. We prefer an environment that is not hierarchical, but a truly collaborative team. That is when we work best.”

Jonas and Kikki both shared with us that, at Capture, they are focused on building team cohesion and the community within the company itself: “We spend eight hours a day together, so it is important for us that we have a team that fits well together and can also hang out together outside work, as well. Being a relatively small team, it is important we keep it that way even with new hires in the future.

We like to work together and have some fun together, too!”

We were also curious why the Capture team chose Split as a location to build their team: “It is true that, with what we do, we could be anywhere in the world, so why not here? When we started here five years ago, everybody told us not to do it. But we decided to take the risk and do it nonetheless.

And we never regretted it! Many people here have been really helpful to us, but the city itself has also changed.

It has become almost younger in some ways, more tech-oriented, with more and more internationals who come here for more than a vacation.”

We are happy Capture found a home in Split and a community within Split Tech City and wish them continued growth and success in the future!


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