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Split Tech Cup 2022: the final score is the sweetest victory!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Our favorite cage ball tournament always has that one final score that happens off-pitch. That score is also the sweetest victory of the Split Tech Cup tournament.

We’re talking about delivering that final donation, of course!

To remind you all, the funds gathered at Split Tech Cup 2022 which was held at the Sports Center Mačak were used to buy laptops for children under the care of the MoSt Association.

Additionally, this edition of the Split Tech Cup tournament served as a first test event for the collaborative EU project “Digital Volunteer Community” because the tournament applications were collected via the app DonatQR developed as part of this project.

In the end, the total amount we collected during the tournament was 40 400 HRK while the following teams contributed to this charity fund and did their best to win the Split Tech Cup 2022: Adriatic.hr, Agilathon, Agilo, Bitcoin Store, Blank, Center of Excellence, Code Five, Connecto, Devla, Extension Engine, FEG, GetByBus, Maurer Electronics, Notch, Sharp Agency, and Tech Resources.

Blank took the cup to their offices, but the actual winners of this tournament are 13 young wards of the MoSt Association who will be getting a new laptop that will open some new possibilities for them!

We could state with certainty that the MoSt Association is the pride of our city. In Split, it would be very difficult to find a single person who didn’t participate in some way in one of the humanitarian events they regularly organize.

Although most of the general public knows them as the association that does extraordinary work in combating homelessness in Split, a large amount of their work and activities include working with children and youth.

They improve the lives of many every day with their programs: the Center for Support for Children and Youth with Behavioral Problems and the Center for the Development of Community Volunteering.

Yesterday we were happy to enjoy the hospitality of Drago Lelas, the president of MoSt, and MoSt members Ljiljana Bartolović and Josip Šimić who are experts in working with young people. It was inspiring to hear about their experiences and the challenges they face every day in their work.

Compared to their many years of advocacy and acts of love towards the most vulnerable groups of society, this Split Tech Cup donation is just a drop in the ocean of good deeds MoSt does daily.

Dear MoSt Association – thank you!!

The Digital Volunteer Community project is financed by grants totaling HRK 462,648.00, with HRK 393,250.80 HRK coming from the ESF and HRK 69,397.20 being covered from the state budget through the call “Strengthening the capacity of CSOs for responding to the needs of the local community“.

Through this Digital Volunteer Community project lasting 14 months, until the end of May 2023, a whole series of free educational activities are planned to strengthen the capacity of employees and volunteers in CSOs.

Project Carrier: STARTUP – Association for encouraging and developing the IT sector of Split and the region
Project Partners: Foundation for Research, Development, and Innovation; Association of Olive Growers of Kaštela “Mastrinka”, Association for children, youth and family “Mali koraci”


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