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Digital Volunteer Community: DonatQR is helping digitize volunteering

Split Tech City

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One of the most important aspects of the Digital Volunteer Community project is the application that is currently being developed by the DonatQR team. We had the chance to get a detailed insight into its development during the Volunteer Management training last week, so now we would like to give you all a short overview of the app and the reasons behind its development.

This application is being created through the Digital Volunteer Community project to automate the collection of donations and organization of volunteer actions. The idea is to have the app available for use even after the completion of the Digital Volunteer Community project.

The Split Tech City team will be working closely with the DonatQR team to help digitize the way associations work.

The DonatQR team will be working on developing the application that will systemize and automate three types of campaigns. The ultimate goal is for the CSOs to be able to utilize the app to create campaigns for financial donations, physical donations, and volunteer actions.

And to help potential donors and volunteers to find their cause more easily, and donate their funds, goods, or time without too much hassle.

If you’re curious about DonatQR’s previous work in social causes, you can read their startup-profile interview.

The Split Tech City team will provide feedback to the DonatQR team during the app development process and organize the first test event where the app will be used – Split Tech Cup, our annual humanitarian cage ball tournament.

Split Tech Cup 2021

In addition to the Split Tech Cup, two other pilot volunteer actions where the application will be used will be held through the spring of 2023 in ​​Kaštela and Benkovac. In addition to that, a meetup for associations will be organized at the beginning of 2023 so that representatives can learn how to use the system in their future work.

The overall goal of the Digital Volunteer Community project is to aid the digitization and transformation of civil society organizations in the field of organization and management of volunteer activities.

The Digital Volunteer Community project is financed by grants totaling HRK 462,648.00, with HRK 393,250.80 HRK coming from the ESF and HRK 69,397.20 being covered from the state budget through the call “Strengthening the capacity of CSOs for responding to the needs of the local community“.

Through this Digital Volunteer Community project lasting 14 months, until the end of May 2023, a whole series of free educational activities are planned to strengthen the capacity of employees and volunteers in CSOs.

Project Carrier: STARTUP – Association for encouraging and developing the IT sector of Split and the region
Project Partners: Foundation for Research, Development, and Innovation; Association of Olive Growers of Kaštela “Mastrinka”, Association for children, youth and family “Mali koraci”

Photos were taken by Bruno Dubravec during Split Tech Cup 2021


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