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NEXT Speaker: Đulijano Nola

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


NEXT is approaching, so the time has come for the announcement of the final NEXT speaker. All of you, who have been closely following Split Tech City announcements these days, already know what to expect from Andrijana, Željka, NEXT panelists, and Mislav.

So, the last mystery of the NEXT program is being revealed to you today! 🙂

On Saturday, March 25th, Đulijano Nola will stand in front of all of you in the Amphitheater of Dom mladih!

Đulijano is a graduated electrical engineer who has turned his love for technology into several successful entrepreneurial projects. He is the co-founder of CrnoJaje, the GoHome real estate search engine, GammaChef robot chef, and the first Croatian robot restaurant Bots&Pots.

Considering his many years of entrepreneurial experience, as well as his inexhaustible will and desire to pass on his knowledge to everyone who needs it and who is eager to learn something new, Đulijano is just the right person to provide you all with inspiration for your future endeavors – in life and/or in entrepreneurship!

The title of his lecture is: “Never give up!”

During the lecture, Đulijano will tell you his story about how his company failed five times in the first two years. This will show you that failure is an integral part of success, and explain why persistence is the main virtue that every entrepreneur should have, as well as anyone else who is not necessarily engaged in entrepreneurship. Because only with work and persistence do we grow!

And that’s why you should come to NEXT – to get inspired (and armed with persistence) for the future that awaits you!

We’re waiting for you at the Amphitheater of Dom mladih on Saturday, March 25th! 😀

NEXT is free to attend, all you need to do is sign up via the registration form! And bring your friends along! 😉


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