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NEXT Speaker: Andrijana Vešović

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


By this time everyone knows what NEXT is, right?! And a lot of you have already started signing up for this conference for future generations to secure your spot.

Therefore, we think it’s a fine time to present to you the first NEXT speaker! 😀

Her name is Andrijana Vešović and she is an illustrator and visual artist from Montenegro.

Those of you who spend some of your social media time on Instagram and TikTok might know her better as Zombijana.

And you also know that she likes to make us all laugh with her creations, but she also makes us reflect on society and how to make it better by being better. 🙂

At NEXT, Andrijana will deliver a lecture focused on the process of her own development titled: “A to Z – From Andrijana to Zombijana”

Her story is inspirational and empowering because she proves how much you can achieve if you remain true to yourself and nurture your own style and creativity while maintaining discipline and consistency.

There will be quite a lot to learn from her experiences!

So, don’t miss NEXT and Andrijana’s lecture – come to the Amphitheater of Dom mladih on Saturday, March 25th! 😀

NEXT is free to attend, all you need to do is sign up via the registration form! And bring your friends along! 😉


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