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Infobip Developer Relations Team had a victorious night at DevRel Awards 2023!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Infobip, a global leader in cloud communications and customer engagement solutions, is elated to announce that its Development Relations team has emerged victorious, winning not one but two prestigious awards in two different categories at the esteemed DevRel Awards at DevRelCon London 2023, the so-called DevRel Oscars.

This achievement reflects Infobip’s unwavering dedication to excellence in the Developer Relations field.

Infobip Connect Meetups and presence in the Dev World

The first award, secured in the Best Regional DevRel Program category, celebrates Infobip’s successful African Developer Meetups initiative, known as Infobip Connect, a project led by Marijan Čipčić, Tech Community Manager.

These events have swiftly garnered acclaim for their pivotal role in nurturing developer communities and facilitating knowledge exchange. Infobip Connect has expanded its reach far beyond Africa, hosting events in prominent European cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, and London.

The second triumph, being recognized as the Best DevRel Program Overall, serves as a resounding endorsement of Infobip’s Developer Relations program led by Julia Biro. It highlights the team’s achievements and advancements in 2023, elevating its status to that of the DevRel industry’s elite worldwide.

“We are beyond grateful and humbled to be recognized,” remarked Julia Biro, Head of Developer Relations at Infobip.

“I’m incredibly proud of my team for their extensive dedication to the developer community and for building the best developer experience Infobip has to offer. This recognition further solidifies Infobip’s commitment to place developers front and center.”

“Infobip’s dual triumph in these prestigious categories underscores its relentless commitment to empowering developers and nurturing vibrant communities on a global scale,“ said Nikola Pavešić, Director of Developer Relations and Startups at Infobip.

It’s almost time for another Shift Conference!

Following a triumphant stint in Miami earlier this year, Shift Conference returns to Zadar on September 18th and 19th, with an expected attendance of around 5,000 people.

Pavešić continued: “This year’s event is poised to reinforce why Shift stands as Europe’s premier developer conference, underscoring its reputation as an essential gathering for professionals in the industry.

Boasting a diverse agenda filled with captivating workshops and enlightening talks, alongside ample networking opportunities to engage with brilliant minds in one location, I am confident that this edition will be another unforgettable event.”

Congratulations to Infobip on this great achievement and good luck with organising Shift Conference 2023! 😀

Text & photos: Infobip


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