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Exploring the growing graphic design scene in Split

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


In recent years, the city of Split has become a true hub for creativity, and graphic design is one of the platforms that significantly contributed to this art story.

If you have an interest in visual communication design and are now in Split or simply planning a visit, in this article you can discover a short list of all the interesting places where you can learn, see, enjoy, and socialize with designers from Split and their guests.

Festivals and lectures

It’s time for design! Or at least that was the case the last week when Split Tech City held several design-related workshops, lectures, and panel discussions at The Works coworking space.

If you missed it, you can check out how it went on the Split Tech City website and perhaps gain some insight into how Split and Croatia’s design scene is changing. Some of the guest lecturers were type designer and founder of studio Hot Type Marko Hrastovec and designer Bojan Stefanović from Brightscout and Logoholic.

Another occasion that occurred in Split in May, but unquestionably an important project about which you can read all the details on the official website is DUMP Days.

DUMP Days is an IT conference for various professions, including design, and this year many designers contributed with interesting and useful lectures and workshops, such as Luka Vidoš from Endava and Antonio Vidaković from Locastic.

Lecture by Boris Ljubičić – photo by Bruno Dubravec

Kombo is a festival of visual culture organized by the DVK Association, an association of students from the Visual Communications Design department of Arts Academy Split. This year, its fifth edition is scheduled to take place in the fall.

Although the theme of this year’s edition is still unknown, we are following their pages with anticipation, and until then we suggest to everyone interested to take a look at what it looked like in previous years. Each year they organize lectures with famous designers, panel discussions, and workshops. Last year’s topic was ‘Context – Space – Design‘.

Design Hub is an initiative that promotes culture and domestic artists from the field of design. Monthly, they host artists with their inspiring stories and support their work.

On their Youtube channel and social media you can watch the previous lectures and find out which future events not to miss. At the last lecture, Design Hub hosted Boris Ljubičić in the Amphitheater of the Youth Center.

Multimedia Cultural Center – photo by Darko Škrobonja

In my last two posts, I gave you an overview of Split’s CTRL+Z and Split Nomad Gallery design exhibition concepts. Both approaches focus on the domestic art scene, and they both give Split a platform for artists to present themselves, their ideas, and their work.

You can read all about their recent and ongoing exhibitions, the designers they invited, and what they are planning for the upcoming months on their social media and official websites.

With its regular events, in addition to exhibitions, seminars, and lectures, Youth Center Split acts as a hub for a unique and forward-thinking art community. One of the organizations within the Youth center is MKCMultimedia Cultural Centre – where you can be a part of their exhibition and lecture design program.

On their sites, you can follow their calendar and make sure nothing interesting slips your focus.

Exhibition – photo by Andrija Zokić
Fun and workshops

In order not to miss a single interesting event in the city, all you need to do is follow Info Zona’s calendar. Festivals, lectures, exhibitions, and many more interesting happenings are all listed on Info Zona’s site so don’t forget to bookmark it.

And if you are looking for a place to meet some cool people, artists, and designers, in a casual atmosphere, I am suggesting you some clubs and cafes in the city.

In Ghetto Club, Club Kocka, and Adriatic Social Club, you can hear good music and occasionally attend exhibitions or pop-up art events. And if you are looking for a place to work, I suggest coworking and showroom place Smartspace where currently is holding an exhibition Cityscapes.

One of the driving forces behind Split’s graphic design scene is its growing community of passionate and talented individuals. Local designers, both established and emerging, have been instrumental in shaping the city’s artistic identity and promoting its creative spirit.

So, if you are a designer or just in love with design, enjoy your stay in Split and try not to miss a single interesting thing! 😀

Text by: Ivana Mikulić
Cover photo by: Darko Škrobonja


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