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Smartspace is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


We have followed Smartspace from the very beginning. This means from times when the idea of opening a coworking space – which would be much more than just a coworking – in the center of Split was still in its infancy.

Behind the idea and realization of the entire Smartspace story is Feđa Misirlić, an entrepreneur who, after living in large cities around the world, moved to Split with his family four years ago – and decided to stay here for good.

Feđa also shared with us his life and business story during a panel discussion at the 130th edition of the OpenCoffee Split meetup.

When you are not born in the middle of Split…

We will focus on Smartspace, that is, on their membership in the Split Tech City community.

We talked with Feđa to find out everything we were interested in – for example, how the opening came about in the first place.

A few years ago, he and his wife were also looking for an office from which they could work because the option of working from home was not too attractive to them.

Feđa Mirsilić

In addition, they wanted to find a way to meet other professionals and improve their social life. However, they realized the following:

“There are no office buildings in the old part of the city, and for most digital nomads and expats, this is precisely the most sought-after area to live in.”

It was well worth the wait

Seeing the need, they didn’t think twice when the opportunity arose to rent and arrange space in Tončićeva Street. Yes, to that street in the city center which is now beautiful, but which took a long time to become that way…

“It took so long to pave Tončićeva Street, but we are happy because, in the end, everything looks much nicer now. Apart from that, there were no special obstacles, just the usual delays in the delivery of certain furniture and equipment,” laughs Feđa.

More than a coworking space

Smartspace was opened at the end of March this year, and the members of Split Tech City were among the first lucky ones who had the opportunity to host events in this beautiful space; here you can see the atmosphere from one of our gatherings. 🙂

From the very beginning, it was envisioned that Smartspace, in addition to being a coworking, will also function as a showroom and a place where workshopsrelated to some smart topics” can be held, explains Feđa and adds:

“The showroom part means that we are open to displaying and promoting various technological, artistic, and educational works from the local community. As for workshops, we are always open to hosting and organizing events such as seminars, promotions, meetups, etc.”

We can testify firsthand that Feđa is an excellent co-host and co-organizer, and we will for sure organize many events at Smartspace in the future.

Joining the Split Tech City community

A final question that cannot be avoided – why did they decide to become a member of the Split Tech City community?

Feđa emphasizes that Split Tech City is a forward-looking community, and he believes that together we can achieve many beautiful things, not only in Split but also beyond.

“Since Split Tech City is a community that gathers like-minded people, primarily from the technological world, I think that Smartspace is a natural location for gathering such people.”

We agree and wholeheartedly recommend Smartspace! And also wish them a warm welcome to our growing community! 😀


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