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Nava IT

A team that can do what others can’t

We, a team of seven, possess the capability to achieve what others may find challenging, irrespective of size. Why? Because we are more than just a team — we are a dynamic unit that personally embraces the challenges of our work.

Our strength lies in collaborative efforts, leveraging the diverse knowledge and experiences of our team members. With agility and a seamless existence, we navigate through the intricacies of our tasks with minimal complications.

Our footprint extends to over 20 clients along the coast, in Zagreb, and Slavonia. Operating for nearly two decades in Split, we’ve also established a presence in Zagreb over the last five years.

Focus on solving a business problem

Yes, we are a company dealing with information communication technologies. We offer a comprehensive ERP solution, modern and globally recognized. However, where many believe the story concludes, ours truly begins.

With knowledge, experience, agility, and a developed methodology, we create an environment where we don’t just install software but add value to both the software and the company utilizing it.

We take pride in our wide interdisciplinary understanding of business operations, encompassing diverse operational areas that set companies apart. Our focus is not only to solve our client’s business problems but to ensure a smooth transition to a new level of operations using a clear and stringent methodology.

Informacijska Rješenja NAVA d.o.o.

Adresa: Kroz Smrdečac 3, 21000 Split

OIB: 75093786050

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