Accommodation in Split for Freelancers and Digital Nomads

Working closely with freelancers and digital nomads, this is a question we hear too often. Since 2013, Split has changed from a relatively sleepy town, into a tourist destination, not just for Europe but the US and China too. With this sudden injection of tourists, locals have actually moved out of Split just so they can rent out their apartments for the summer. 

You can imagine what this has done for the local rental market –  pushing prices up and creating an air of insecurity when May approaches. Despite having a contract for the whole year, you never know if your landlord will want you out or sell up!

Finding longer-term accommodation in Split

However, it’s not all gloom and doom. A number of landlords prefer a more relaxed life where they don’t have to change the sheets every other day. Nor do they have to deal with noise complaints from their neighbours due to a rowdy Brit or two.

Finding them is the harder part, and so our first tip is to start looking early. We don’t mean a year beforehand, but definitely three or four months, especially if you’re coming in the summer months. Next step is to have a budget and location in mind, this will help in our third and final step – reaching out.

Where to look?

There are a number of ways to reach out, first of all, Njuskalo is the Croatian version of Craigslist. On here you’ll find some apartments available with a few pictures. There will also be a number and an e-mail. Croatians like talking on the phone, so give it a call and hope they speak English – chances are they will. There will be a number of agencies on there too, who might post apartments that they no longer have to entice you in. They also charge you a fee of a month’s rent.

You can get a more direct approach on Facebook groups such as this one and this one, and there’s also a couple of expat groups, here and here, where you sometimes see people offering apartments. These groups are also good for meeting other foreigners living in Split and getting general information.

Then there’s AirBnB. If you’re coming off season (November – April), check the availability and if they have what you need, then don’t book and pay, but instead message them and see if you can negotiate a monthly price. You’ll be pleasantly surprised now and again.

Finally, you can always drop us a message – a few of us have contacts who have apartments available now and then and we would be happy to share them with you!

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