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Design Building Blocks for First Design Steps!

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The word “početnica” in the Croatian language signifies a book from which children start learning – a textbook for learning basic concepts. It is the name shared by children’s first school books. Usually, these textbooks are intended for elementary school students in the first grade for initial learning and practice of reading and writing.

These books try to make learning accessible and interesting with their content, illustrations, graphics, and methodical articulation, thus being adapted to the age of first graders who are beginners.

So it is no surprise that Split’s designers decided to embrace that word when they created the name for a series of design-themed workshops tailored for beginners. However, to translate it respecting the spirit of the English language, we named them – Design Building Blocks (in Croatian: Dizajnerska početnica). 🙂

About Design Building Blocks

Design Building Blocks is a program of creative workshops for children and young people under the guidance of professional designers from different fields of activity.

Through the topics chosen by the designer-mentors in cooperation with the Design Building Blocks program leader, the participants are introduced to the basics of design in a way suitable for their age and experience, not only as a visual activity but also as a tool for creative, conceptual, and critical reflection on everyday life.

The Design Building Blocks program is organized by the Academy of Arts in cooperation with the Croatian Design Society and with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and the City of Split.

Design Building Blocks workshops are adapted for everyone interested, regardless of previous knowledge and experience. While the workshops are free of charge, the number of participants is limited, so signing up is mandatory.

Importance of Design Building Blocks

As a program of free creative workshops for children and young people under the guidance of professional designers from various fields of activity, the Design Building Blocks program is of great importance for both the design and the overall community in Split.

Children and young people have fun, learn about art and design techniques, immerse themselves in the rich world of creativity, and unlock their imaginations. The workshops are interactive, stimulating, and enriching. They also nurture individuality while still providing a sense of community.

Therefore, it is no wonder the Design Building Blocks workshops are always well attended!

We invite you to follow their Facebook page to keep tabs on their work – including all upcoming events – and to join in whenever you have the chance. 😀

Photos: Dizajnerska početnica


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