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tech.coffee will bring together the tech communities of Split and the Nordics!

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Did you miss the great atmosphere and the new knowledge that have always been a part of the OpenCoffee Split meetup? Well, then we have great news!

The new edition of OpenCoffee is ready for us already this week, but before we go into the details, you need to know one important thing – this is also the OpenCoffee rebranding alert:

OpenCoffee Split becomes tech.coffee!

If you are interested in why the longest-running tech meetup in Split was rebranded, continue reading until the end. But before that – mark the following date in your calendars:

tech.coffee will be held on June 6 (Thursday) at 19:00 at Smartspace!

Be sure to reserve your spot at this meetup if you want a comprehensive guide to scaling your business!

The lecture will be held by Thorstein Nordby, founder of Nettly.

Nettly is an Oslo-based consultancy specializing in HubSpot and B2B go-to-market strategies.

Thorstein Nordby has become a trusted advisor to numerous companies in the technology sector. His expertise has been instrumental in helping more than 40 Nordic companies scale effectively and grow their revenues.

Find out more details about the lecture and register here!

Looking back…

And now we have to look briefly at the history and rebranding of our favorite meetup. 😀

Back in 2008, OpenCoffee Split was launched. It was the first tech meetup in Split. The 19-year-old Toni Trivković was behind this initiative, inspired by the global concept of the same name that started in London in those years.

Toni was determined to make OpenCoffee Split happen every month. And that was exactly what happened – tech people from Split started to meet and network once a month as part of the OpenCoffee meetup.

In the beginning, there were only ten of them, but with each gathering, someone new came along.

The focus was on networking and exchanging experiences in a relaxed environment, so there was no formal content. This concept lasted almost ten years. Numerous collaborations and new initiatives took place at this meetup.

Among other things, it was the experience of contributing to the community through OpenCoffee Split that was the impetus and introduction to the creation of the Split Tech City association.

“The fundamental values ​​of the OpenCoffee Split meetup, such as openness and knowledge sharing, are woven into the very core of Split Tech City,” said Toni, owner of the AGILO agency and founder and president of Split Tech City.

In the last few years, with the appearance of numerous other meetups in our city, Toni wanted to give additional value to the people who come to OpenCoffee. This is why he added formal content to the meetup concept – usually lectures by tech leaders, both local and foreign.

One of the more special editions of the OpenCoffee Split meetup took place in the Bačvice Open-Air Cinema, which inspired Toni and the Split Tech City team to organize the first festival of technology and entrepreneurship, better known today as the Split Tech City Festival.

A look into the future…

After sixteen years of consistent investment in networking and the development of the local tech community under the name OpenCoffee Split, Toni decided to re-frame the whole story in its own brand – tech.coffee.

“The new brand does not deviate much from the existing one, but it is original. Even the new domain is tech.coffee, and the leading Croatian typographer Marko Hrastovec created the logo,” he stated.

As for the content of the meetup, the direction will remain the same – tech leaders will come to Split to contribute to the development of local experts and tech enthusiasts with their expertise.

The difference is that tech.coffee will be focused on exchanging experiences exclusively with the business market of the Nordic countries. Also, there will be more content aimed at B2B businesses, and the meetup that awaits us this Thursday will also deal with that topic.

“The focus of the tech.coffee meetup will be on building a bridge between Split as a Mediterranean tech hub and the Nordic countries.”

Participation in the tech.coffee meetup continues to be free, with a limited number of participants to ensure the quality of the interaction – the individual presentation of all participants has been one of the meetup’s standards since the very beginning.

In addition to the Split meetups, Toni plans to organize pop-up tech.coffee events in the Nordic countries and the first such event will be held in September in Copenhagen.

“I always try to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and grow, as well as to enjoy the journey. The next step is exactly tech.coffee in the Nordic countries,” Toni concluded and invited everyone interested to the next tech.coffee!


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