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Serengeti opened an office in Split!

Split Tech City

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After offices in Zagreb, Bjelovar, Varaždin, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as development centers in Kenya and Serbia, Serengeti has opened an office in Split, where the company sees great potential for further establishing the IT profession, developing innovative projects, and attracting young experts from the region – cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split is also planned through various internships and scholarships.

Serengeti, one of the fastest growing domestic software development companies, started working at its Split location this month – in a new office right on the Riva in Split.

The opening of the office in Split is a continuation of Serengeti’s constant growth, and thus Serengeti becomes one of the few domestic IT companies that have offices in as many as seven locations: in four Croatian cities in four different counties, an office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and development centers in Serbia and Kenya.

Serengeti team in Split will continue to grow

Since its foundation in 2007, Serengeti has grown organically in revenue, the number of employees, and level of expertise. Therefore, today it is one of the fastest growing Croatian IT companies for software development, with an average annual revenue growth rate of around 35 percent.

The expansion to the south of Croatia is motivated by the increasing amount of work as well as continuous work on different projects for the worldwide market, and it has been planned since the beginning of this year.

Serengeti recognized Split as one of the most promising domestic cities with great potential for even stronger technological development.

In addition, Serengeti wishes to motivate local young experts, and software engineers, in particular, to stay in Croatia. There are already seven developers working in the Split team, and by the end of the year, the company will employ a minimum of eight more people. Two and a half million HRK is planned for the salaries of these 15 employees this year.

Serengeti is right on track with their plans

As far as the further growth of the number of employees is concerned, cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Naval Architecture in Split is also planned in the form of professional internships, scholarships, and employment of interns.

“We already have seven employees in Split, and they fit perfectly into our way of working. Since Split and the region where it is located are strong in terms of engineering personnel and there are excellent technical faculties, we believe that we will be able to significantly expand our engineering team and offer people work on large international projects.

The Split office is an important pillar in our future development plans, which largely depends on the ability to attract and retain quality engineering staff,” says Goran Kalanj, president of the board and founder of Serengeti.

Goran Kalanj

Serengeti’s developers in Split are currently working on the development of a tourist application for one of the leading domestic tourism companies. In cooperation with colleagues from other offices, they will also work on projects for other markets.

Namely, with an already established position within the European Union, Serengeti has been present in the American, Scandinavian, and Israeli markets since last year, which is why this company is constantly growing in terms of the number of its employees.

Thanks to challenging projects, expertise, and experience from domestic and global markets, investment in development, and the relaxed and open atmosphere that reigns in all Serengeti offices, the company is recognized as a desirable employer and will have more than 200 satisfied employees at all its locations by the end of this year.

Among other things, the desire to further develop a positive and stimulating work atmosphere was one of the key reasons for choosing an office on the Riva itself.

Serengeti view in Split

“Riva is one of the main associations with Split, especially for the positive and vibrant energy it projects. We want our company and our office to be perceived as a place of positive energy, with a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere – because that’s exactly what Serengeti is. Apart from that, Split is a great location for both work and life,” explains Goran Kalanj.

Before opening their Split office, Serengeti also became a member of the Split Tech City community. We’re looking forward to their presence in Split and its tech ecosystem!


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