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Serengeti is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Split’s tech community is getting larger and livelier; in addition to numerous newly established companies, more and more big companies from other cities have recently opened their branches in our city.

Among them is Serengeti, an award-winning domestic software development consulting company.

They plan to open an office in Split in April, and we are pleased to inform you that they have also become a member of the Split Tech City community.

On this occasion, we spoke with Mr. Goran Kalanj, the Serengeti CEO.

Split’s potential

Mr. Kalanj revealed to us that the opening of the office in Split marks the perpetuation of the many years of Serengeti’s continuous growth.

With a Split office, Serengeti is one of the few domestic companies in the sector with offices in four Croatian cities in four different counties – Zagreb, Bjelovar, Varaždin, and Split – and its own development centers abroad – in Serbia and Kenya.

He announced that they plan to hire 20 experts this year in our city under Marjan Hill.

“The developer community in Croatia is extremely strong, and we have recognized Split as one of the most promising cities with great potential for even stronger technological development.”

Strengthening the IT profession together

He revealed to us that they see connecting with the Split Tech City community as a logical step after the opening of an office here, as they consider it as an opportunity to participate in the further establishment of the IT profession, innovative projects, and young professionals in the region.

“Membership in this recognized tech community makes us extremely happy, not only because of networking and connecting with other members, but also because we believe that, with our expertise and experience from domestic and global markets, we can contribute to the strengthening of the IT profession in this region.”

Fascinating results on a global scale

Since its founding in 2007, Serengeti has been growing organically in terms of revenue, the number of employees, and level of expertise. Today, Serengeti is one of the fastest-growing Croatian IT software development companies, with an average revenue growth rate of around 35%.

Behind the Serengeti are more than 300 projects and, apart from Croatia and the region, for years, they have been a reliable partner of many clients in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Last year, they entered the large Scandinavian market with a project for the Swedish company Stratiteq, intensified their presence in the US by working on an e-commerce platform dealing with health services, and signed a contract with Tevo from Israel, for which they will develop key business information systems.

During its 15 years of operation, Serengeti has focused on projects in the financial industry, logistics, industrial production, energy, and healthcare, while the company’s long list of clients includes large international companies such as Mercury, Protel, Erste Bank, and Addiko Bank.

After two years of intensive work, Serengeti has offered its clients, who are developing their own software, the innovative FIYU platform, Serengeti’s first complete product for use in the global market.

This Rapid Application Development solution accelerates application development by up to 80%, covers all segments of software development, is modular, and is based on best development practices. At Serengeti, they expect that as many as 20 of their clients will use it by the end of this year.


We are looking forward to joint activities with the Serengeti team, and wish them a warm welcome to the best tech community! 🙂


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