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Unique People is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


People make every company and community special. Their uniqueness makes a significant difference.

Split Tech City gathers unique individuals and exceptional organizations and companies, so we are quite pleased that Unique People have also recently joined our community.

Complex software solutions

Unique People was established as a sister company of the eponymous company from Košice, Slovakia, founded by Jan Bodnar, Marek Bečaver, and Peter Šoltes.

They are working on developing complex software solutions in the health care, financial, and telecommunications sector. Additionally, they also help small and medium-sized enterprises digitize their work and achieve competitiveness.

We talked about their work and plans with Blanka Jolić Miškić, who we asked about the reasons behind the expansion of this company in our city.

From Košice to Split

Blanka told us that, about three years ago, the idea of ​​opening another office in Southeast Europe came up.

They wanted to share their positive experiences and everything they have learned so far. However, due to the global pandemic, the project of expansion was put on hold for a while.

Nevertheless, they did not give up on the original idea, so at the end of last summer, the work on the expansion project intensified, and the decision fell on Split.

“We chose Split to expand into Croatia because of the similarities between the Košice and Split metropolitan areas, but also the growing IT community, as well as a sufficient number of experts from local educational institutions.”

Announcing a large project

They currently operate mainly in the Western European markets, with their primary focus being the German market. They work with some of the largest companies in the health and telecommunications sectors.

“The project we are working on with the health sector has the potential to benefit 40 million Germans. Due to the NDA, we are not allowed to provide more information,” Blanka enigmatically shared with us. However, as soon as she can give us more information, we will be happy to spread the word about it. 🙂

The growth of the Split office

In Split, they are located within the scaleup Office Split and currently have 12 employees.

“We are constantly growing and looking for experts who primarily have experience working with Angular and Java programming languages.”

They also employ students and are extremely open to sharing their knowledge with young people.

Their goal is to have 20 employees by the end of the year.


In the end, of course, we asked them why they joined Split Tech City, and Blanka revealed the following:

“We decided to join the Split Tech City community because we want to connect with the local IT community, participate in projects and share our experience from Slovakia.”

Unique People, good luck with all the projects, and welcome to the Split Tech City community! 🙂


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