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scaleup Office Split is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

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Split’s tech community is expanding and becoming more active. So, it is unsurprising that new coworking spaces are opening all over the city.

Remote work in IT was not unknown even before the pandemic started. Yet, this has become more acceptable and common in many other sectors in the last two years. This has also contributed to greater demand for this type of business premises.

Membership in Split Tech City is awesome 🙂

A few months ago, we heard the delightful news that a large coworking space is opening next to the University campus. Mr. Ivica Perić, who is behind the whole venture, contacted us while the idea was still in its infancy.

Many details were still up in the air at the time. Yet, one thing was certain – as soon as scaleup opens its doors, it will become a member of the Split Tech City community! Said – done!

scaleup Office Split
An unbreakable bond

A few weeks ago, scaleup Office Split opened its doors a month earlier than planned. This does not surprise us considering that Mr. Perić has spent his entire working life in Germany. 🙂

As a four-year-old, he left his native Split for Hamburg. After graduating as an economist, he worked in important banking sector positions within the financial industry. In addition to returning to Split every year for holidays, he nurtured his connection with his country of origin in his new homeland, too.

Through his active involvement in the association Croatia Hamburg, of which he is currently the president, he connects the local community of Croats by organizing various cultural and sports events.

Therefore, he has been living on the Germany-Split route lately, intending to return to his hometown permanently in a few years.

Coworking business

Five years ago, he quit his job in the banking sector and devoted himself to the coworking business together with a friend. After the digital nomad visa was implemented in Croatia, Ivica got the idea to open a unique coworking office in Split.

scaleup Office Split

His idea was to offer a spacious office for coworking combined with modern business offices and to complete all this with top service in organizing events, content, and everything else that clients might need.

After a year and a half – his idea turned into reality. scaleup Office Split is open!

Split Tech City inspection 🙂

Of course, we visited them and toured all the areas! 🙂

If you are looking for a stimulating work atmosphere in a coworking environment, the scaleup Office Split modern offices and spaces will not disappoint!

scaleup Office Split

“scaleup Office Split is a functional, attractive, and inspiring work environment that facilitates its members’ further development, expansion, synergy, and togetherness,” said Ivica.

Their goal, he told us, is to give each new member a space to present themselves and their work, network, and develop further.

“We create space for inspiration and positive energy. scaleup Office Split is an ideal place for everyone who is looking for a positive and professional work environment and wants to network.”

More than a coworking

As a networking platform, they bring together people of different nationalities and activities and offer maximum flexibility with their Office-as-a-Service system. Additionally, they offer their members a sophisticated service for every meeting and event.

“As ambassadors of the city of Split and Dalmatia, we are looking forward to other people discovering the Dalmatian coast and being able to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle with us. Our carefully selected location, surrounded by a multitude of local facilities, will allow members to explore and get to know Split. The proximity of the sea and the old town is certainly a choice of workspace that is tailored to everyone“, said Mr. Perić.


As we mentioned in the beginning, their membership in Split Tech City was a logical move as their work seeks to contribute to strengthening the local tech and business community.

“We got our first clients thanks to Split Tech City, and the positive atmosphere of last year’s Festival of Technology and Entrepreneurship made me more aware of the potential of Split’s tech community and gave me extra courage and a positive feeling about the scaleup Office Split project.”

And the first expansion of the scaleup team was realized thanks to the magic of LinkedIn. Youthful forces from Split, Antonija Buzov and Karla Perhat, are employed to provide a top-class service with their ideas and skills to all clients looking for a coworking, business office, or event space at scaleup Office Split.

“Our members often say that they feel at home with us,” Antonija and Karla proudly pointed out.

We are looking forward to all the upcoming joint projects with the scaleup team, one of which is awaiting us in mid-April. 🙂

scaleup Office Split, welcome to Split Tech City! 🙂


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