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IT Sistemi is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Founded back in 1998, IT Sistemi – Nove Tehnologije is one of the first IT companies in the Split area. Therefore, we are extremely honored that such an organization recognized our work and joined the progressive Split Tech City community.

We talked about IT Sistemi and their plans with Jakša Čep, who is heading the system integration department, and Joško Radić, the head of the application development department. We asked them to tell us the whole IT Sistemi story.

Since the fax machine times

“This ‘old IT lady’ from Split was created in a time when circumstances that are unthinkable today were normal. I will try to portray the situation: at the time, the computer was a luxury, the mouse a revolutionary discovery, and the fax machine the most important device in our offices.”

However, Jakša continues, after the initial computerization of the overall economy and the introduction of basic prerequisites for modern work, the replacement of cash registers with computers, the implementation of LAN and WAN within organizations and in the user education, a need for knowledge beyond hardware installation was created.

This was exactly the moment when Damir Popović, a lover of new technologies, recognized his opportunity and initiated a company that still continues today.

“From the very beginning until now, through our modus operandi, Damir’s characteristic of having all the knowledge needed for we do and knowing everything “under the hood” has always persisted. Research and development, courage and perseverance, knowledge and reliability have opened the door for growth and progress.”

Step by step, they have grown into a company that nowadays has about 100 experts and cooperates with leading companies with a fin-tech profile.

The freedom that your own products bring

Regardless of the business problem their clients face and the existing technology that welcomes them on-site, the IT Sistemi team always creates solutions that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and save time in business, thus creating a better user experience.

“By developing and implementing our own products and solutions for document, content, and business process management, we are facilitating the business of some of the largest companies in Croatia, the region, and Europe.”

The entire IT Sistemi team is characterized by a combination of technical knowledge and an understanding of business processes. Their skills and knowledge are responsible for creating products and solutions that all of us have certainly encountered – whether in banks, insurance companies, or when using the services of teleoperators.

“We are pleased that within our company we can encourage different directions of development of individuals, depending on their affinities, and the fact that we develop our own products gives us the freedom to work on what we consider important.”


The last two years have been marked by employment that is not exclusively related to their two offices in Split and Zagreb. Therefore, IT Sistemi team members v+can now be found all over Croatia, as well as abroad.

However, this did not stop them from continuing to nurture the values ​​that shaped their #PerfectFitTeam. On the contrary, they are extremely proud of the level of collegiality and connection that reigns among them.

“Although we are a colorful team – juniors who have been with us for several months, top experts with over 20 years of experience, athletes, wannabe athletes, musicians, fishermen, mountaineers, etc. Therefore, we concluded that we are all united by one unbreakable bond – our love of food.” 🙂

To deliver the most efficient solutions, there are many areas of expertise that need to be covered, so it is not surprising that there are many different profiles of their employees.

“Developers, system engineers, business analysts, and consultants are just part of our team portfolio. We are also always looking for entry and senior positions for posts of system engineers, .NET software developers, SharePoint software developers, Java software developers, support engineers, and consultants.”

They are especially happy to share knowledge and invest their time in educating students, whose number in the team is always growing, and they also support student initiatives for internships.

People are the backbone of IT Sistemi

We asked them about their plans for the upcoming period, and they revealed to us the following:

“We plan to continue to be successful, grow with our customers, hire and invest in our current team because people are the backbone of IT Sistemi.”

They are currently working on several projects, from electronic signing to the digitization of the 250 km-long archives of the leading bank in Hungary.

It is worth mentioning the project recognized by the EU – Fieldwork4RES – a platform primarily intended for renewable energy projects.

In the IoT era, this innovative idea, which will implement blockchain technology, has incited great public interest, especially since its purpose is to help the energy sector, with emphasis on always important renewable energy sources.

Synergy with the local community

“In recent years, Split has established itself as a significant IT hotspot. We are happy that we, as visionaries, were one of the first IT companies 24 years ago. That is why we guided many of Split’s successful experts and entrepreneurs through their first IT steps,” said Joško proudly.

Considering that they are one of the oldest IT companies in Split, synergy with the local community has always been a recurrent motive in their work. Therefore, joining the Split Tech City community was a natural step for them.

“Split Tech City promotes the local IT scene with its commendable activities, so we are really looking forward to being active participants in future projects.”

IT Sistemi, thank you for your trust! Welcome! 🙂


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