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IRI Centar is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

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Split Tech City


The IRI Centar team is a group of creative people in the technology community who deserve our attention. They combine the incompatible – work and pleasure. Most importantly, they are having a great time!

This seemingly frivolous team is actually doing very serious things, both on the local and international scene. This is evident in some of their partners: Gammachef, FESB, MushroomCups, Parklio, Genom, StorytoApp, and others.

IRI Centar – creative team for business acceleration!

IRI Centar is an entrepreneurial and business accelerator and innovation agency.

It operates as a non-profit company owned by the IRI Foundation, which aims to improve the business environment. In the business context, it bridges the gap between scientific research organizations and the actual market.

From the beginning of their business story, their brokerage services have grown into consulting services, so IRI clients are mostly young entrepreneurs who need help with developing their business ideas and marketing.

Who makes up this creative team?

The four pillars of the IRI Centar are:

DIGITAL – Goran Pavlov (B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering)

A very famous and dear face of the IT scene. If he could live off ideas, he would be immortal. The common denominator of the business and creative world. There are always a minimum of two solutions to each problem. He believes that innovation agencies such as the IRI Center will come to life in Croatia, following the example of private ones that have been operating successfully on the international scene for years. The most unknown celebrity in the IT community.

GREEN – Boško Ljubenkov (B.Sc. in Agriculture)

He knows that the “little green people” have been around for a long time and helps them prepare and implement several national and EU projects. He is also a business advisor for innovation. His task is to make wishes come true – if you think Santa doesn’t exist, you haven’t met Boško! He is also an expert in grounding the dreamers that live in seventh heaven. A bit of a Spartan. The voice of reason, an opposition realist who stands firmly with both feet on the ground and whose dreams are practical and green.

SOCIAL – Dana Jurman Jakus (graduate journalist)

Any kind of change cannot happen without a mindset shift in society, and Dana is very much the bearer of change in her environment. There are no delays with her. Living according to the principle of action-reaction, for twelve years she has been investing her knowledge in the development and management of social entrepreneurship and is a passionate lover of writing. She is not just a social chronicler and mere observer, but also an activist and an inspiration to others who are changing the world for the better.

CREATIVE – Ana Ban (M.Sc. in History and M.Sc. in Communication)

She has a story and sees a story in everything. She chose everything you buy because she has the most ungrateful job in the world – writing commercials and trying to keep you from switching programs or stations. When Ana is not writing for TV, newspapers, and radio, she runs 3angle and brings together creatives of various profiles whose aim is to bring the characters from their imagination to life in the digital world.


Various types of training and workshops are held in modernly equipped premises in Kaštel Novi, the so-called dream factory of the IRI Centar known as the 3angle_hub. They are so well-visited that an extra spot is always required!

If you have a clever startup idea or just need an accelerator and help, the doors of the IRI Centar are wide open.

Behind them sits the owner of the loudest laugh of the company, Zorica Radunić (photography, – business administrator and Jack-of-all-trades! She is always in the right place and keeps everything in the right place. A walking Excel sheet that leaves nothing to chance and checks every piece of information at a minimum of five different sources. Zorica sees everything through numbers – except people! She sees people through rose-colored glasses even on the cloudiest of days.

Innovative communities support creatives

This team knows that creativity is the mother of all innovation and that no innovative community can be innovative without other supporting creatives. Split Tech City has long recognized this, so the membership of the IRI Centar in the Split Tech City community is not a surprise.

More professionals and driving energy in one place unquestionably bring more success! IRI Centar is just that type of business friend who will accompany you on your business journey.

We are honored to have the possibility to carry out great projects with this creative team. IRI Centar, welcome to Split Tech City!


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