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Codeasy is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

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We are very pleased that the company Codeasy has recently joined the Split Tech City community, so to mark the occasion, we will introduce you to their history and work.

Codeasy was officially founded in 2013, but the path to the creation of this company was paved a few years earlier.

Ivan Biliškov, at that time a programmer and currently a PhD student at the Univesity of Split’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Naval Architecture, throughout his journey worked with many different technologies.

Then he started managing projects and handling work organization and, as a result, found himself in negotiations with the American company CultureConnect. This led to Ivan entering into a partnership with them and founding his company – Codeasy.

We talked to Ivan so he could tell us a little more about their projects and business plans.

Ivan Biliškov (Photo credit: Joško Ponoš/CROPIX)
Employment opportunities

Today Codeasy has an average of 10 members, and their office is located in Solin.

“We are currently looking for Full Stack Developers, and there is always room for a good Mid or Senior!”

Codeasy offers their clients full access to services in all phases of software development – ​​from idea and design, to implementation, testing, and commissioning of applications.

Among the services they provide are UI/UX design, web or mobile development, as well as consulting or implementation.

“We are dedicated to every project and our eternal goal is to deliver the best possible product.”

From scratch to sale

Ivan admits that it is difficult for them to single out a project that they are not very proud of.

As one of their favorites, they most often mention the first major project, where they spent three years building a platform for American museums and organizations:

“This is the product for which we formed the first larger team, and we were in charge of creating and expanding the development and research team in tandem with the US sales and marketing team.

In September 2020, our work was recognized because a Swedish group acquired our startup Culture Connect and the entire production moved to Sweden. That day it was official – we successfully delivered the product from scratch to sale.”

New collaborations as the biggest rewards

During their development, Codeasy won many awards, but the biggest one came in the form of new collaborations and projects that continued to this day, so today they can boast clients such as NOMA (New Orleans Museum of Art), NYHS (New York Historical Society), Museum Computer Network, Kimbell Art Museum, San Francisco Bank, etc.

“The only client that stands out from all the previous ones is Hajduk football club because it is our first and only Croatian client.”

Among the projects they are currently working on, is Voice of Norway – which gathers all of the Norwegian tourism guides in one audio guide, where visitors can learn about the sights, local culture, and history accompanied by the voices of professional lecturers.

“We would like to brag about many other large projects, from a widely known car brand to well-known banks, but we promised the opposite with our contractual obligation,” explains Ivan.

Growth of the IT industry

As for the technologies they use in their work, he points out that they always try to use the latest technologies from the world of web development. They are chosen according to the project, but currently, they mostly work in the JavaScript ecosystem. As for cloud services, they use GCP and AWS.

“We follow trends and grow together with the industry.”

We asked Ivan to comment on the current state of the Croatian IT scene compared with the one from 5 years ago, to which he replied:

“Almost incomparable! Today, the IT scene is at its peak and only growing. I think that this is the result of the collective effort and engagement of each association or company, as well as each individual who, at a certain moment, decided to get involved and share part of his or her knowledge with the community.

Thanks to every organized meetup, conference, and lecture, today a lot of young people have joined the tech scene, and groups of people are forming who, guided by the example of others and their own abilities, start their own startup projects.

An additional bonus followed Croatia’s entry into the EU, where the market also opened up and erased borders in a way, so Croatia was also recognized as an exporter of quality software solutions and services.”

Welcome to the Split Tech City community!

Finally, Ivan revealed to us why they decided to join the Split Tech City community:

“Because of the vision that we share with Split Tech City: to contribute to Split’s tech community, and make it bigger and better!”

We are looking forward to all the joint activities that we will organize with Codeasy, and we wish them the most successful business!

Welcome to Split Tech City! 😀


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