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Codeasy was created after the successful sale of the Culture Connect startup, whose team then successfully delivers the product from scratch to sales.

For the last 9 years (in addition to the previous five years of experience), he has been offering clients

complete access to services in all phases of software development – from idea and design to implementation, testing and commissioning of applications.

Among the services they offer, there are also those of UI/UX design, web or mobile development, consulting or implementation.

All their clients are foreign, and in their portfolio they have many projects from the health and tourism sectors, well-known car companies and banks, booking systems, telecoms…

Their only Croatian client was HNK Hajduk.

They are always looking for a Senior Developer, so feel free to contact them if you are the one!


OIB: 93207816519

Adresa: Matoševa 43, Solin

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