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BlockSplit brings us the first DeSci Meetup!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Following on from the DeSci program that was introduced at this year’s BlockSplit, the largest Web3 conference in the heart of the Mediterranean, the organizers have prepared Split’s first-ever DeSci meetup, which will take place on December 1 at noon (12:00) at Re.Split Coworking.

This will be a coffee gathering dedicated to DeSci topics – a DeSci coffee open to all! 😀

The intention is to bring together scientists, innovators, and experts from various scientific disciplines to discuss and get to know the possibilities of connecting Web3 technologies and science.

The ever-busy BlockSplit team also wishes to announce a series of future gatherings in this format, which will be held in cooperation with universities in other cities, as well as in Split.

In addition to providing an overview of the latest technological trends in science, such events are a great opportunity to network with other scientists and experts who use Web3 technologies for their research purposes.

Furthermore, interesting international projects and initiatives will be presented at each gathering.

The first DeSci Open Coffee in Split will be opened by Ena Melvan, scientist and entrepreneur who also served as a moderator of the DeSci program during this year’s BlockSplit, and Bharat Harbham, MD with a background in neuroscience and co-founder of the DeSci London.

What to expect at the first meetup? Introduction to DeSci, interesting discussions, networking over coffee, and a guest expert in attendance!

All researchers, academics, innovators, Web3 enthusiasts, and anyone curious about the future of science and technology can participate.

The number of places at the meetup is limited, so the organizers invite all those interested to register and secure their spot on time.

Don’t miss it and – see you at the first DeSci meetup in Split! 😉


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