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BlockSplit DeSci Track is connecting blockchain and science!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Aside from the overall fabulous program and a great opportunity for web3 startups, this year’s edition of the BlockSplit conference offers a DeSci Track.

Making BlockSplit a place where blockchain technology meets scientific discovery and collaboration!

The DeSci part of the program will offer a series of expert panels, talks, and workshops focused on the potential of decentralized systems to advance scientific research and collaboration. DeSci at BlockSplit will be presented during a one-day program that will offer a deep dive into the intersection of blockchain technology and scientific research.

With a lineup of industry leaders and experts who will share their insights on emerging trends, innovative ideas, and the latest research in the field, BlockSplit DeSci Track aims to connect like-minded peers, give them a chance to engage in thought-provoking discussions, as well as offer all attendees to expand their knowledge of this exciting field.

The DeSci Track is open to researchers, academics, industry professionals, and anyone interested in learning more about the potential of blockchain technology in scientific research.

Some of the interesting parts of the DeSci Track program are:

  • Panel: Challenges and Opportunities in Decentralized Science (DeSci)
  • Keynote: Introduction to DeSci
  • Panel: Use Cases and Future of Decentralized Science
  • Patient DAOs: The New Driving Force For Biomedical Breakthroughs
  • Women’s Health Research Goes Decentralized: How AthenaDAO is Advancing the Field
  • Distributed biotech for interstellar civilizations
  • Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning for privacy-preserving, reproducible science
  • Protocols focused on the collection of data for decentralized science
  • Workshop: Community Building in DeSci
  • Workshop: Ethical Considerations for DeSci

The BlockSplit DeSci Track is created in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics, Business, and Tourism of the University of Split, so we are sure it will offer everyone a truly scientific insight into the possibilities of blockchain within various scientific fields.

So, don’t miss it and get your BlockSplit ticket!


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