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AI tools for designers

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Recently, I heard more than once that companies are replacing graphic designers with prompt designers. AI technology is rapidly changing and upgrading but that doesn’t necessarily mean the design profession is endangered. Some might say it’s exactly the opposite.

This profession just got a great ally especially if you know how and which tools to use.

So, let’s dive into this topic and see what are some of the best AI design tools in 2023.


Midjourney is an AI image-creation tool. It creates all types of images (the only restriction is your imagination) and it’s pretty simple to use. Midjourney works on a Discord server and you can use it for free or with a subscription. As a subscriber, you use created images commercially.

This tool is a good option if you need assets for creative projects. Typically, the finished outcome is a very realistic graphic that clearly displays the information you provided. This tool’s only drawback is that, due to its high user volume, it occasionally runs slowly and necessitates some patience.

The price for subscribers is from 10 to $120 a month, or 96 to $1152 a year, depending on the package you choose.


Have you ever had trouble selecting the ideal hue for your design? If so, Khroma might be able to spare you problems in the future. An AI color scheme application called Khroma provides a large variety of colors based on your tastes and internet-sourced human-made palettes.

With Khroma, you may create a list of colors that is uniquely yours by selecting 50 colors, and the tool will create palettes with the ideal color combinations for you. You can then experiment with the hues to create your collection.

The fact that this AI tool is totally free is the best part.


AutoDraw is another free AI program. It is a tool that makes suggestions to help you improve your drawing abilities and complete your artwork. Your rough sketches are turned into polished pictures by AutoDraw.

This tool is ideal for rapid sketches because it predicts as you draw and provides you with a potential finished illustration at the same time. This program is incredibly user-friendly, compatible with all platforms, and allows you to download your illustrations as PNG files.

Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is the ideal solution for maintaining image quality for anyone taking photos with a phone. It is an AI-driven graphic design tool that upsizes photographs 16 times without sacrificing their quality. With only one click, it enhances old or low-quality images and changes the tones and colors.

The pricing for the first 10 credits is free. For 100 credits you will have to pay $12 and for 500 $45.


If you’re a designer or an app developer, you should look into Uizard. With a straightforward drag-and-drop editor, it is an AI tool designed to assist and speed up the creation of desktop software, websites, and mobile or web applications.

Uizard offers a wide selection of templates, but it also lets you create your own designs. Utilizing Uizard‘s wireframe and screenshot scanner, you can quickly convert your concepts into digital designs.

Uizard is a free tool with premium plans starting at $19 per month. is another AI tool that will save you time and produce a top-notch result. This is a tool for you if you require a logo, a video, a graphic, or any other marketing content. offers a variety of custom design solutions because it functions like a learning algorithm and has a collection of over 20,000 templates and 10,000 icons. is an easy-to-use platform that will enable you to produce content quickly while also boosting your creativity. The basic price per month is $29 and the pro version is $69.

Adobe Sensei

With Adobe Sensei, designers can concentrate on the conceptual and creative aspects of their work while AI technology helps them complete the technical parts of the process more quickly. Adobe Sensei can speed up your work by automating repetitive operations.

It may assist you in creating better marketing strategies for your design and has a wide range of functions. This tool can assist you in improving your campaign approach while freeing up a significant amount of time for your artistic and creative work.

Prices for Adobe Sensei can be obtained from the vendor upon request.


Fronty is an AI tool that could interest both developers and designers. It is a tool that simplifies and accelerates the web development process by generating custom HTML, CSS, and React code. All you have to do on Fronty is to upload an image of your webpage design.

Fronty will identify the different elements of an image and automatically generate the code based on your draft. Fronty also has an online layout editor so you can modify your webpage. Pricing per month goes from $0 to $9.

The last AI tool in our list isn’t a classic design tool but it can improve very much the work of designers. is a writing tool that helps designers improve their designs by creating texts that supplement designs. This tool can generate content such as copy, posts, product descriptions, or event blogs.

Based on user input, may also produce original pictures and photos in a matter of seconds. Instead of using stock photos or making their own, users will discover that this tool is a quicker and simpler way to search for photographs.’s pricing starts at $24 per month per user with a 5-day free trial.

All of these tools seem intriguing, user-friendly, and a wonderful way to create content quickly, but what about the other side of the story?

Although it’s unlikely that AI will totally replace specific professions, including designer roles, there’s still potential that a market for producing quick but mediocre material will emerge.

Therefore, while AI may undoubtedly help them with repetitive tasks, analysis, and research, professional designers should utilize AI tools carefully and as an ally to foster innovation – and avoid falling into the trap of replaceability.

Text by: Ivana Mikulić


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