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venITure becomes part of the Adaptavist Group!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


The Split Tech City community has recently been full of exciting news. 😀

One such piece of great news comes from venITure that became part of the Adaptavist Group family.

On this occasion, we’re bringing you an interview with Mija Matulić, who gave us more details about this exciting acquisition.

Why was venITure acquired? How long has that move been in the making?

“In the last year, mergers and acquisitions have become a frequent occurrence in Atlassian’s partner ecosystem, so it’s somehow natural that discussions about investments or acquisitions are held more often than usual, although, in most cases, they stay at the discussion phase.”

Adaptavist is the leading Atlassian partner in the world…

“We are very aware of their reputation, not only as a consulting company, but we are also big fans of ScriptRunner, Atlassian’s leading automation/customization application in Jira.

When we met in the spring of this year at the Atlassian conference in Las Vegas, we realized that there was a great synergy between both companies. Subsequently, the conversations have really gained momentum since then.

Adaptavist and venITure share a customer-centric, people-first approach to business, which is focused on transforming businesses to drive growth, increase revenue, and create long-term value.

Both companies have a proven track record of providing excellent technical, engineering, and consulting services.

We realized there was a great opportunity to accelerate our growth and build on the already excellent results we had achieved.

Before the acquisition, we had already employed several people in key positions that we did not have until then, as well as introduced several strategic changes at the global level. Because of that, the acquisition process itself was a great opportunity to further organize and re-structure ourselves.”

What does the acquisition specifically mean for your employees in Croatia?

“Our employees in Croatia, just like those in Germany, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the UAE, continue to work unhindered, in the same locations and positions, just, let’s put it that way, under the Adaptavist baton.

Kristijan Luburić

Kristijan Luburić remains the managing director for Croatia, and Samsoor Hemat is still venITure’s CEO. The two of them, together with the rest of our management team – Alexander Post and Adil Nasri – are joining the Adaptavist management team.

Our employees will now have more support and access to more resources to help them with their tasks.”

Will your users feel these changes?

“The users will benefit from the greater scope of our expertise, which now comes from the combined forces of venITure and Adaptavist.

We will be able to better support clients with joint technical, engineering, and consulting services in agile scaling, adapting the possibilities of ITSM, and harnessing the benefits of transferring to the cloud.

Ultimately, this will help our clients transform their businesses to drive growth, increase revenue and create long-term value.

Our companies are already starting to work together to deliver agile scaling, align ITSM capabilities, and help customers realize the benefits of moving to the cloud.

This acquisition is good news for venITure clients, Adaptavist clients, and all future clients.”

Will you continue to be Infobip’s certified partner?

“Of course, nothing will change in our partnership with Infobip! We believe that this acquisition can only be something positive for all parties.”

What else would you like to highlight in the end?

“We are truly excited about this new chapter in our business. This is just a confirmation that we assembled a great team and achieved great results!”

We believe that the venITure team will fit well into the global Adaptavist team.

Well done, venITure, and good luck! 🙂

Photo credit: venITure


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