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Split Tech City is a community composed of well-intentioned and progressive companies, startups, associations, initiatives, institutions and individuals. Together we encourage and develop the IT sector of Split and the surrounding region.

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Meet Split Tech City Partners: TEAPETRArt

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


We continue to enter into partnerships that provide the Split Tech City community with special discounts on excellent services and products.

Thus, our members buy IT equipment at the HGSPOT store, provide business partners with accommodation at the AC Hotel by Marriott Split, book boat trips with Toto Travel, organize active teambuilding in nature with Eyes of Sturba, etc.

In addition to all of the above, we think they would also benefit from a little artistic stimulation, so this time we have prepared a truly special partnership for them:

TEAPETRArt is a musician who permeates the modern IT and business world with violin notes in her simple and sophisticated style.

Tea Petra Debak is an artist who has been in the music world since she was four years old. Ambitious in her work, she plays covers of famous world-renowned artists on standard or electric violin.

Whether it’s a meetup-like event, banquet, conference, the opening of a business space, or team building, the violin can bring an element of surprise that will make every event unforgettable.

Tea Petra considers the atmosphere to be the biggest advantage of an event with music versus one without music:

“If the appropriate genre and ambiance are affected, the success of the performance and blending in with the event’s theme is guaranteed. Even when the guests come specifically or only because of a particular panelist or speaker, music offers something extra – an added value you carry forward.”

We were interested in how it feels to combine art and entrepreneurship in her work, to which Tea Petra replied:

“It is a skill and a balance between emotions and ratio. Art is creative, entrepreneurship is exact. When I feel too much strategy and risk in my actions, I take the violin and enter the studio. Such a balanced approach allows me to succeed in both worlds and helps me stay centered on my initial vision – to act permanently and healthily, both for myself and for the community, giving exactly THAT emotion through music.”

During her studies, Tea Petra attended various seminars, educational workshops, and conferences, and, to her, all such events always seemed very “dry”.

“There was a lack, one might say, of “a bit of casualness“. On the other hand, the business and IT world can handle a bit of creativity, and this is exactly why implementing music in the opening or closing of an event, in mini-breaks, or the networking part is an ideal combination! That’s why I enthusiastically agreed to a partnership with Split Tech City,” admitted Tea Petra.

In cooperation with fellow musicians, TEAPETRArt offers different performance options:

  • solo violin
  • violin + DJ
  • duo: violin + guitar
  • trio: violin + guitar + vocals
  • quartet: violin + guitar + vocals + drummer

You can follow Tea Petra on Instagram, and send your inquiries to


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