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Split Startups Meetup at the #STCFestival: Get Ahead!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Is there anyone unaware that the third edition of the Split Tech City Festival is happening? Probably not. 😀

On September 9th, during the International Day of the Festival, the Bačvice Open-Air Cinema will be the place where you will hear many interesting things about a variety of different topics from our speakers and panelists.

And not just during the official program, but the pre-program, as well! This year’s pre-program features an event we initiated this year with our amazing friends from the Student Business IncubatorSplit Startups Meetup.

When it’s not part of the #STCFestival, Split Startups Meetup is here to awe and inspire you with its regular quarterly edition. It connects the local startup ecosystem and provides some additional inspiration through its lectures and panel discussions.

Happy faces at the February edition of Split Startups Meetup

Split Startups Meetup took place this year in February and May, and now it’s happening as part of the Festival! 😀

As you already know from the announcement of the Split Startups Meetup panel discussion, we have decided to dedicate the Festival edition of this event to young people and all those who feel that way. And we expect many of you to be there and crowd the pine forest of the Bačvice Open-Air Cinema! 😉

The Festival edition of Split Startups Meetup is also a bit special because it changes its form from the standard: panel discussion + lecture + networking.

You already know about the panel discussion but the second part is a fireside chat titled: “Get Ahead of the Game!” 🙂

But what do we mean by this title? Get ahead of what game? And get ahead how? And what does all of it have to do with youth and entrepreneurship? Well, those questions should be answered during the fireside chat itself, right?!

…and equally happy faces at the May edition of Split Startups Meetup! 😀

However, we will give away the idea we had with this particular discussion. Thinking about what would draw the young(er) crowd in, we asked ourselves: “How are they better than us? What advantages do they have? What makes them better entrepreneurs than those who are ahead of them in age and life experience? What can make them get ahead?”

The answers seemed obvious – new technologies! AI and Web3 in particular.

Guided by the entrepreneur and youth enthusiast, Michael Freer, our selected “fireside chatters” – Mirela Petrović, founder of mAI way, and Luka Sučić, partner at Meta Change Capital – will highlight the advantages young entrepreneurs can have if they harness these new technologies well.

We hope you’re ready for these new discoveries and to get ahead of that entrepreneurial game!

To do that – go get your ticket (Don’t miss out on the special price for students! 😀 ) – and come to the Bačvice Open-Air Cinema on September 9th.

Younglings, we can’t wait to have a blast with you at the Split Tech City Festival! 😉


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