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Andrei Zinkevich: sharing some of his marketing knowhow

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


While Andrei is globally known in the marketing community for his expertise, we got to know him through his previous two chats with us when he reflected on the lifestyle changes his life in Split brought and shared with us a digital marketer’s point of view on the local tech community here. 🙂

Now, we get to talk a little bit about marketing!

Together with Vladimir Blagojević, Andrei founded Fullfunnel.io and spent 30 years in total growing B2B businesses. Andrei and Vladimir are also the initiators of the Fullfunnel.io YouTube Channel:

“Coming from the mid-market and enterprise world, we know all the ins and outs of selling to these segments: the research and evaluation processes, decision-making procedures inside the buying committee, and the approval workflows.

We’ve been there and done that.

That is why we know how to generate opportunities with these segments and influence the decision-making processes. Since 2007 we have been focusing exclusively on high-value B2B tech and service-based companies.

We were and still are ‘in the trenches‘, and know the lowdown of these businesses, so you’ll get access to more than thirty years of our combined experience and knowledge.

We are openly sharing what works and what doesn’t work without fluff or high-level advice.”

Not only do they help B2B businesses grow, but they’re also bringing B2B experts to Split to enjoy the city and exchange ideas, and are gathering marketers worldwide with their Full-Funnel B2B Marketing Summit. So, we definitely think there’s a lot you can learn from them both!

Here are some of the topics you can start with:

Now, go and learn something! 😉

We’d like to thank Andrei for sharing his skills and knowledge, as well as experiences of life in Split with us, and by extension all of you. And, if you ever need a marketing expert – you know who to ask for help! 😀


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